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26th July 2013

Raise a pint to English Hops with HopStocks!

Lovers of English hops have reason to celebrate with HopStocks, brewed by Sara Barton (current British Brewer of the Year), of Brewsters’ Brewing Company in collaboration with hop farmer Alison (Ali) Capper and beer sommelier and writer Jane Peyton. 


What makes this beer unique is that all the hops in the beer were grown by Ali and her husband Richard, at Stocks Farm (in Suckley where the legendary Bruff hop picking machine originated), hence the name HopStocks.  On brew day Ali drove from Worcestershire to Brewsters’ in a car laden with hops.  Pilgrim and Target for bittering (and dry hopped with Pilgrim) and Sovereign and Endeavour for aroma.  Endeavour, the latest hop superstar is a new varietal, developed by Dr Peter Darby at Wye Hop Research ,with blackcurrant and spicy citrus characteristics and Stocks Farm is currently the only farm in the world growing it.


The project came about when Ali, in her guise as publicity manager of the British Hop Association met Jane Peyton at a hop event. Knowing how much of a hop-head Sara Barton is, Jane suggested a collaboration brew to celebrate home-grown hops. HopStocks is the result and now Ali has the brewing bug.  She said ‘It was fascinating for me as a hop farmer to see how Sara took the hops and looked at the alpha and aroma characteristics together with oil profile to create the beer recipe.  It was a fantastic opportunity to watch a brewer in action and even more amazing that I was collaborating with the British Brewer of the Year to help create a beer that celebrates what is so brilliant about British hops.’


HopStocks is a celebration of the brilliance of British hops. Even though less than 2% of the world’s commercial hops are grown in Britain, there are over 20 varietals grown here with several varietals in development.  Contrast that with Germany, the world’s biggest supplier of hops with 38% of the market and yet only around only 25 varietals in total.  British hops are all about beauty, choice, diversity and localism!


And a not forgetting Britain’s peerless malt, Brewsters’ Brewing Company based in Grantham sources their malt (from Lincolnshire grown barley) from Baird’s Malting Company approximately 1 mile down the road. 


HopStocks is available in cask in selected pubs across the country and will be launched at the Rake in London at a later date.


Tasting Notes:

Beer style:  Pale Hoppy Ale

Malts:  Lager and cara malts

Hops: Pilgrim and Target for bittering (and dry hopped with Pilgrim) and Sovereign and Endeavour for aroma.

Aroma: Spicy citrus with a blackcurrant tang from the Endeavour

Flavour: Herbal, piney and citrus with a firm refreshing bitterness

ABV:  4%


Contact details:

Sara Barton – Brewsters’ Brewing Company:   Tel: 01476 566 000

Alison Capper – Stocks Farm:   Tel: 01886 884 202

Jane Peyton – School of Booze:   Tel: 07729 601 590




Note to Editors:

HopStocks pump clip is pasted below

Brewed with British Hops logo attached