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17th December 2018

Ready, Set, Row! Wainwright Support Rowing Team Ahead of 3000 Mile Race Across the Atlantic

Setting sail for the journey of a lifetime, the Heads Together and Row team are about to embark on their challenge – taking on an entire ocean all with the sponsorship support, Wainwright Golden Beer and headline partner Henley Business School.

There’s no turning back now for the crew members of Heads Together and Row, who, on Wednesday 12th December embarked on the annual Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Made up of just three men and one woman, the team are taking on the 3000-mile race across the Atlantic to help raise money and awareness for multiple mental health charities including: the Heads Together campaign, Mind, Combat Stress and also the Marine Conservation Society.

Once complete strangers, Justin, 53, Toby, 39, Jeremy, 41 and Alison, 40 will spend the next 40-60 days on board the 29ft x 6ft boat with space only for two small cabins, packets of freeze-dried foods, water. This incredible journey is one that captured the imagination of Wainwright who decided to be part of their journey by sponsoring the team allowing them to meet their target goal and be part of the Atlantic Challenge. To keep up to date with the journey, Wainwright has supplied data cards allowing the team to capture video, photos and messages throughout their journey*.

Throughout the race, the physical strength of each crew member will be pushed to the limit with the strict regime of two hours rowing, two hours off all day every-day, the crew will be burning over 5,000 calories a day and are expected to lose around 12kg during the race. However, being at complete mercy of the world’s harshest elements with only each other for support, will also be a test of mental strength – something that Henley Business School, the team’s headline partner is looking into. Dr Caroline Rook, a lecturer in leadership at Henley, will be conducting a research project into their individual and team resilience.

Ahead of the team’s epic journey, Wainwright launched their very own rowing event transforming Marston’s atrium into a unique competition to help raise money for the Heads Together charity.  Rowing machines at the ready, Marston’s employees were invited to take part and show their support towards the crew and row as much as possible throughout the day, with Wainwright donating £5 for every mile.

On hearing of the event and the fearless determination of the crew members, Wolverhampton University showed their support with, Chris Sellars, Deputy Director for the Institute of Sport, James Dale, Sports Manager and sport scholars: Jemima Yeats-Brown, 23, Jayden McCalla, 21 and Guy Guy Maboy, 19 rowing their part to help the cause. After all the miles were added together along with the collection donations, the event raised a total of £150.

Kirsty Polmeer, brand manager for Wainwright said: “Wainwright could not be prouder to be behind such a brave group of people. Wainwright’s brand mentality is to ‘Find your Mountain’ so for us, the team completely embody our way of thinking. The challenge ahead will be incredibly demanding, and we’ll be with them every row of the way.”


Editors Notes:
The Route: The race will depart from San Sebastian in the Canary Islands and arriving at the English Harbour, Antigua.
Race Start Date: 12.12.18 at 11:45am
Timescale: The race is expected to take 40-60 days to complete
Safety: There are two safety yachts supporting the teams as they cross the ocean and the teams are supported 24/7 by two land-based duty officers.
For more information about the team:
*To keep up to date with the team’s progress, keep an eye on Wainwright’s social media: @wainwrightbeer
For more information about Wainwright please contact Lauren Hagan on 01926 338811 or
For more information about Henley Business School please contact Nicola Hine on 0118 378 8220 or