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9th October 2020

Recording of SIBA’s SBR seminar made available to Guild members

A recent seminar and Q&A on the future of Small Breweries’ Relief is now being made available to British Guild of Beer Writers members.

Eddie Gadd of Gadds’ (The Ramsgate Brewery) and James Calder SIBA Chief Executive hosted the seminar for independent brewers on the future of Small Breweries Relief—and the potential models which could be adopted by Government—the recording of which is available below.

  • The presentation slides which illustrate the various curves/tapers can also be viewed as a PDF here: PBD Taper Options

About the Small Breweries’ Relief Curve Seminar

SIBA continue to fight for the reversal of the Government’s proposed changes to Small Breweries’ Relief (SBR), including the proposed reduction in discount for breweries between 2,100hl-5,000hl. Whilst SIBA welcome positive reform above 5,000hl to ‘smooth the curve’ and remove the current barriers to growth, any reform should not come at the expense of small breweries below 5,000hl.

This recent seminar looked in detail at the possible Small Breweries’ Relief (SBR) models which could be introduced by the Government following this Autumn’s technical consultation, and how each of these models would affect breweries of different sizes.

The proposed changes will affect breweries of varying sizes (not just those in 2,100hl-5,000hl ‘danger zone’) in a number of different ways over coming years and it is important for SIBA members to fully understand how their business will be impacted, and to what level.

The 20 minute seminar was presented by Eddie Gadd of “Gadds’ – The Ramsgate Brewery” and James Calder, SIBA Chief Executive, and was followed by a 20 minute Q&A session, which is also featured on the recording.

Press release from SIBA

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