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1st July 2021

Registration opens for the 2021 International Brewing and Cider Awards with new categories announced

Entries are now open for the ‘Oscars’ of the brewing and cider world – the International Brewing and Cider Awards. The competition, due to be held in November 2021 is the most historic international beer and cider competition of its kind.

The 2019 event attracted over a thousand entries from breweries and cider mills from around the world, with winners coming from Europe, North America, South East Asia and Australasia.

New categories have been announced to reflect key trends that have emerged in the beer and cider markets since the last event.  In the beer competition, a new Zero Alcohol category will be added to reflect the growth and interest in this market segment. Because legislation on the alcohol levels permitted in non-alcoholic beers differs across countries and regions there will be three categories in this class: Zero Alcohol (ABV 0.0-0.05%), Ultra Low Alcohol (ABV 0.06-1.1%) and Low Alcohol (ABV 1.2-2.8%).

In the cider competition a Rosé category has been added to reflect the growing trend for ‘pink’ ciders. The pink colour can come from the addition of fruits, but some Rosé ciders are achieved through the fermentation of red fleshed apples – a truly challenging technical process.

The new categories are part of three cider categories and 10 classes and nine beer categories and 33 classes, which include a unique Zero Gluten beer category. The Zero Gluten category is strictly for beer that does not contain gluten and is made from ingredients which do not contain gluten.  The class was introduced to differentiate Zero Gluten beer from those which can be labelled ‘gluten free’ in some markets but can contain a low level of gluten. Creating a truly Zero Gluten beer requires great innovation as producers find alternative gluten free ingredients.

The first International Brewing and Cider Awards took place in 1888, with competitions now taking place every two years. A judging panel comprising the world’s foremost practicing brewers and cider-makers judge each entry blind, assessing each beverage on its sensory appeal, distinctiveness and character to reach a consensus decision on the commercial worth of the beer quality.

Ruth Evans, MBE said: “The International Brewing and Cider Awards is the most historic international competition of its kind, and it is important that we champion the very best of the international brewing and cider-making world.

“The new categories – Zero Alcohol Beer and Rosé Cider reflect major trends in the beer and cider market and we’re looking forward to identifying the very best in these categories for the very first time.

“We urge brewers and cider makers from around the globe to check our categories and classes for 2021 and register their finest beers and ciders to be blind-judged by leading brewers and cider-makers from around the globe. Now more so than ever, the beer and cider industry needs platforms like the IBCA to demonstrate to the trade, media and consumer just how fabulous your products are.”

Entries open on 1 July and close on 1 October. For more information about the awards, including a list of categories and entry criteria, please visit International Brewing Awards’ website.


Press release from Umpf on behalf of the International Brewing & Cider Awards