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29th April 2018

REVEALED: Britain’s Pub Capitals – who takes the top spot?

It’s official… Pompey is the pub capital of the UK!

With 12 pubs per square mile, the seaside city takes the top spot. But how does your city compare?

Working alongside Liberty Games we have created ‘Britain’s Pub Capitals‘ to work out the places in the UK with the highest pub density. We analysed 51,566 pubs across the country to work out the number of pubs per square mile in each location.

Pubs have been a part of British life for around 2,000 years, brought to our shores by invading Romans, so it’s no surprise that our love of pubs runs deep…

Here are some hooks the piece reveals:

  • The Top 10 Pub Capital’s in Britain
  1. Portsmouth. 12 pubs per square mile
  2. Liverpool. 11 pubs per square mile
  3. Bristol. 10 pubs per square mile
  4. Brighton and Hove. 10 pubs per square mile
  5. Norwich. 10 pubs per square mile
  6. Dundee. 9 pubs per square mile
  7. Manchester. 9 pubs per square mile
  8. Nottingham. 9 pubs per square mile
  9. Southampton. 9 pubs per square mile
  10. Dudley. 8 pubs per square mile
  • Portsmouth has almost double the number of pubs per square mile than London – They also have three extra pubs per square mile than neighbouring Southampton
  • Liverpool is a close second… – With almost 500 pubs in total, this city’s pub scene is pretty impressive with around 11 pubs every square mile
  • London boroughs – As the capital is home to over 4,500 pubs, we thought it only fair to look at London separately. Out of 33 boroughs analysed, the city centre comes out on top with 219 pubs per square mile in the City of London
  • Don’t like pubs? – You might feel more at home in the northern Scottish district of Highland as our data reveals an average of 0.003 pubs per square mile here (although it’s almost 12,000 square miles in size!)

Do you think your readers would be interested in this as a follow on from your story? Below is the methodology but let me know if you have any further questions or would like the embed code for this piece.

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To work out the number of pubs per square mile in each location we used Get The Data’s list of pubs (derived from the Food Standard Agency’s Food Hygiene Ratings and the ONS Postcode Directory) and area data for council districts. Each pub featured in the list was assigned to a district based on their registered address. The number of pubs for each district was then divided by the total area to work out the number of pubs, on average, per square mile. Please find our full dataset here.



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