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6th November 2017

A Rippin’ Swell of Juicy Hops: Stone Brewing Berlin launches Stone Ripper Pale Ale

[rip·per] Australian Slang: Something especially strong, fine, or good of its kind

It’s no doubt you’ve dreamed of escaping the grey British autumn. Do you find yourself daydreaming about the sun, the beach, and your surfboard? While the weather will persist, beer fans can now grab a fresh Berlin-brewed Stone Ripper Pale Ale – an ode to sunny summer days and – a Rippin’ Swell of Juicy Hops!

This fresh and juicy San Diego-style pale ale is inspired by coastal surf culture and combines signature German, West Coast and Australian hops for a Stone Berlin take on a classic style. The awesome golden beer has a light body and a nice blend of citrus and tropical fruit hop flavour. With a bounty of dry-hop flavour and aroma, this beer is Stone Berlin’s current-day interpretation of a hoppy American West Coast style pale ale – with an Australian accent – and is now available to the UK’s on and off trade.

“We use pale ale malt and a smidgen of caramel malt to give this beer a deep golden colour,” said Thomas Tyrell, Master Brewer at Stone Berlin. “The beer is hopped with the newest and finest German hop varieties including Hallertauer Blanc, Hüll Melon and Mandarina Bavaria as well as Galaxy hops from Australia and Cascade from the US West Coast. This is our approach to blend German, US West Coast and Australian characters into one rippin’ good beer – and ride the wave from the Pacific over to the Atlantic Ocean.”

Marcus Thieme, Vice President & General Manager European Operations Stone Brewing adds: “After Stone White Ghost Berliner Weisse, our Stone Ripper Pale Ale is the newest addition to our range of now seven year-round beers brewed in Berlin, plus our seasonal mocha stout, Stone Xocoveza, in the autumn and winter season. We are very proud of the Berlin brew team, who have taken on the challenge of creating their very own San Diego Style Pale Ale with a German-Australian twist. The outcome is awesome: A fresh, crisp, hop-driven and well balanced pale ale.”

James Clay, Business Development Director at James Clay commented: “As an iconic brewery known for its bold beers and big flavours it’s no surprise that Stone Brewing have once again released a beer that brings together different cultures to create a taste explosion. Drinking fresh is understandably important for Stone and we’ll be importing and storing cold to support this”

Stone Ripper Pale Ale is available all year in 24 x 330ml cans and keg, imported and distributed by James Clay. Each can is stamped with a packaging date and ‘enjoy by’ date, so that beer fans can best enjoy the beer’s intensity and finely balanced flavour.

Quick Facts

Name: Stone Ripper Pale Ale
Pale Ale
Alc/vol: 5.7%
Hop Varieties: Magnum, Hallertauer Blanc, Cascade, Hüll Melon, Mandarina Bavaria and Galaxy
Beer page url: < >

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Deep golden with a light tan head.

Aroma: Fresh orange, floral, pineapple, peach and green tea.

Taste: Orange, tropical, dank, fresh green hops. A nice caramel malt backbone leading to a crisp, clean finish.

Palate: Medium body with moderate bitterness.

Overall: Our Berlin Pale Ale. Hop-driven with moderate bitterness and just enough malt backbone to elevate the hops, this Pale Ale is super-refreshing.

(Thomas Tyrell, Master Brewer at Stone Berlin)


Suggested Pairings

Appetizers: Lightly smoked salmon with apricot chutney

Salads: Pumpkin salad with lightly smoked bacon, wild honey and pomegranate

Entrees: Roasted or baked chicken with Sriracha glaze or vichy carrots and sweetened snap peas in butter

Cheese/Fruit: Brie, salty popcorn, carrot cake, caramelized chestnuts

(Robert Hilges, Executive Chef at Stone Berlin World Bistro and Gardens)


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