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10th October 2022

Rolling out the beer barrel for cancer awareness – 7 more times

A fundraising brewer from North Norfolk, who in April raised over £22,000 for local testicular cancer awareness charity It’s on the Ball, has announced he is to embark on another epic challenge – this time pushing 75kg of beer while completing 7 marathons in 7 days around Norfolk.

David Holliday, co-founder of Moon Gazer ales, in Hindringham North Norfolk, really captured the imagination this spring when he pushed his 75kg barrel of beer 149 miles from his brewery to the oncology unit at St Barts Hospital, in central London.

When setting out on the 9-day ‘Beer Push’ challenge back in April – surprisingly in the snow – little did David imagine the impact the fundraising event would have, which is why he is encouraged to embark on a second even more challenging fundraiser, as he explains:
“The response all the way to London was so amazing – not just from a fundraising perspective, but more importantly from the awareness of this little talked about disease, which needlessly still takes the lives of young men.

“What struck me most was that of all the people who approached us on our journey – the only ones who had heard of this cancer were those who had direct experience – sadly, usually by losing a loved one.

“What hit home was while I was pushing up a hill in Essex a lady in her 80s pulled up in her car, having followed our route, got out to wish us well, and said ‘I lost my grandson to testicular cancer, you doing this will stop other grans suffering like me, thank you so very much.’

This was so very sad, but at the same time so uplifting in that it highlighted the simplicity of what we do, just by getting people talking about the cancer we can save lives.  That made me realise I could not stop at this challenge!

The work of It’s on the Ball helps to highlight that it is young men – aged 18 -24 – who are most likely to be affected, but by checking themselves monthly they can have a 98% survival rate. However, late diagnosis can all too often be fatal as the cancer spreads vigorously.
David and the team at It’s on The Ball are now planning the challenge for 1-7 October 2023 and will criss-cross around Norfolk with an event planned at the end of each marathon to further help boost awareness.

Should you wish to be involved then David and the team would love to hear from you – simply get in touch via their website:

You can also learn more about testicular cancer and how to check yourself monthly by visiting:

If we can get the word out there and get young men to check themselves monthly, we will save lives.


Press release from Moon Gazer ALes.

For further information please contact David Holliday via or 0794 1269 868.