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1st May 2012

ROOSTERS – Free Range Beers From Yorkshire

Four months on from the retirement of Sean and Alison Franklin from Rooster’s Brewing Co, the new owners have revealed a new look to the Company’s image and branding as well as announcing a brand new beer to compliment the existing permanent range.

Retaining the iconic Rooster image that has long been associated with beers such as Yankee™ and Wild Mule, the new pump clip designs coincide with the arrival of a new beer – Buckeye.

Buckeye, a pale session ale, brewed at 3.5% abv, has been added to the Brewery’s regular brood of beers permanently on offer. The beer has been designed to offer both landlords and customers a lower strength beer that’s packed full of hop character and aromas.

In addition to Buckeye, YPA™ (Yorkshire Pale Ale) has been tweaked to a new strength of 4.1% abv, in order to bridge the gap within the range between Wild Mule (3.9% abv.) and Yankee™ (4.3% abv.), allowing the continuation of the Rooster’s tradition of brewing a range of quality pale ales. Aside from the adjustment in strength, the recipe will remain the same and the beer will continue to be brewed to the same high standards that saw it win gold medals at the 2006 and 2008 World Beer Cups in the USA.

The brewery has also adopted the strapline – “Free Range beers from Yorkshire” to reflect the individuality and creativity associated with Rooster beers.

Tom Fozard, Commercial Manager, comments, “I’ve always loved the look of the red rooster head on the black background that’s been used as the brewery’s image for as long as I can remember, so it was important to us that this remained in place.”

“Rooster’s has a good pedigree when it comes to innovation and creating hop-forward, but ultimately balanced and clean tasting beers. With this in mind, the new pump clips have a fresh, minimalistic and clean look to them, although, upon closer inspection there is a great deal of attention to detail in the design”.


Ian Fozard, Chairman  said, “We’ve worked very closely with the designers – the Lift Agency of Harrogate – to achieve a look that we hope will compliment the quality of the beers we brew, by appearing distinctive on the bar top.”


“There’s also a completely new website, designed by the same team at the Lift Agency and we’ve even given the Brewery Vans a professional image with the brewery logo displayed for the first time.


For further information contact Tom Fozard on 07812 145454 or Ian Fozard on 07957 371757