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16th November 2022

Salcombe Brewery Co. announces new listing with Tesco

Salcombe Brewery Co. is delighted to announce that it has secured an agreement with Tesco to sell its golden ale, Shingle Bay and its amber ale, Seahorse at stores across the South West.

Jordan Mace, Salcombe Brewery’s Managing Director, said: “Getting Shingle Bay on the shelves of Tesco stores in the South West is an amazing highlight in what has already been a hugely successful year for Salcombe Brewery.

“Shingle Bay has been a firm favourite with beer-lovers across the country for many years and this listing will make it even easier for them to get their hands on their favourite pint, as well as introducing it to new admirers too.”

Jordan added: “Shingle Bay is our best-selling bottled beer and one that holds a special place in all our hearts. It is because John Tiner, the founder of Salcombe Brewery, loved Shingle Bay so much that he set up the brewery in the first place.

“He was told by a local landlord that they were probably going to have to stop stocking Shingle Bay because the brewery that made it, Quercus, was having problems.

“Having no experience of the brewing industry, he went over to visit Quercus and ended up offering to buy the brewery so that he and all the other Shingle Bay fans could carry on drinking it.”

Jordan adds: “Seahorse is also very important to us at Salcombe Brewery Co. because the Salcombe estuary is a haven for both British species of seahorse and as part of our commitment to our local environment we are trying to help conserve these amazing animals by donating 5p a bottle towards The Seahorse Trust.”

Tesco has a policy of supporting local suppliers and building confidence in the short-term so that businesses can invest for the future, especially when it comes to sustainability and innovation.

Gemma Cruikshank, Tesco local buyer for England, said: “Salcombe Brewery produces some really great ales and we’re so pleased that Shingle Bay and Seahorse are going to be sold in our stores across the South West.

“Our partnership approach means we develop long-term relationships with our suppliers so that we can grow our businesses together and continue to provide customers with the quality products and value they expect from Tesco.”

Salcombe Brewery Co. was founded in 2015 by John Tiner, following the purchase of Quercus. Since then, John has built Salcombe Brewery Co. into a thriving business that recently opened its own bottling and canning plant, in addition to its innovative Estuary View brewery which nestles in the Devon countryside above the world famous Salcombe Estuary.

Award-winning, SALSA accredited Salcombe Brewery Co. produces a range of premium cask ale and keg products. Their vision is to be recognised as a leader in producing high quality products crafted using sustainable methods that look after people and the planet. They have just started their journey to becoming a B-Corp accredited company.

Shingle Bay (ABV 4.2%), is a very easy-drinking golden ale, with a crisp bite. It has a fruity aroma of blackberry and spiced fruit.

Seahorse (ABV 4.4%) is a sweet and smooth amber ale with a gentle spicy hop character, hints of burnt caramel and a smoked malty finish. Salcombe Brewery Co. donates 5p to The Seahorse Trust for every bottle sold.

Salcombe Brewery’s range of beers is available nationwide in pubs and hospitality venues as well as retail outlets and online from www.salcombe For further information on Salcombe Brewery Co. please visit follow Salcombe Brewery Co. on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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