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8th October 2012


The Saxons, Nordic invaders of the South East of England, and long known as the South Saxons, gave their name to Sussex. They soon abandonded their raiding ways and came to settle – and brew beer. SAXON LAGER  is a tribute to a long heritage!

Brewed in response to customer and client demand for a 4% lager, SAXON fulfills its brief admirably. Pale and attractive in the glass, and refreshingly continental in flavour, Saxon uses three hops, Admiral, Saaz and Tettnang and is triple filtered to ensure a purity of taste.

Saxon is produced in adherence to the much revered German Rheinheitsgebot standards laid down  in 1516, and still in practice today,  to ensure standardisation  of beer purity by controlling ingredients. As Andy Hepworth, Head Brewer and Chairman of the Company says : “We don’t have any problem meeting these standards; they are simply part of our brewing regime. Water,barley and yeast: Sourcing these ingredients and assessing their quality is part of good brewing; using them wisely and balancing their input to the beer is part of the brewer’s skill. Saxon is a fine addition to our portfolio – we hope you enjoy it too”