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17th December 2018

Scottish Beer & Pub Association responds to drink-driving report; 340 pubs close since the drink-drive limit changed

Responding to the University of Glasgow study showing that the change to the drink-driving limit has not reduced road accidents, the Scottish Beer & Pub Association has highlighted how the change to the drink-driving limit has had a negative impact on Scotland’s pubs, with 340 closing since the policy came into effect.

Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the Scottish Beer & Pub Association, said:

“This study by the University of Glasgow confirms the findings of the University of Strathclyde earlier this year. While the change in the drink-driving limit may not have reduced road accidents, it has definitely had an impact on the nation’s pubs with 340 closing since the introduction of the policy in 2014. Rural and suburban pubs have been particularly hard hit by the policy at a time when they already face a difficult economic climate, rising costs and shrinking profit margins. Considering that pubs are a key part of Scotland’s tourism offer and are the home of great Scottish beer, this is of real concern.

“We would like the Government to commit to working with the sector to address the range of issues which are badly impacting our pubs. This includes acknowledging the key social and economic benefits pubs bring to our cities, towns and villages. When a pub closes, it doesn’t just mean that there’s one less place to get a drink – it means local job losses and on average £100k less for the local economy every year. It also often means the loss of the social hub for the community, which can have an immeasurable impact.

“We firmly believe the key to reducing incidents on our roads is through education and awareness. That is why our industry continually partners with a range of stakeholders to promote education through campaigns such as THINK and designated drivers.”


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Notes to Editors

A report on the University of Glasgow research paper can be viewed here:

The previous Strathclyde University discussion paper, by Carnegie Vacation Scholarship student Benjamin Cooper, Dr Markus Gehrsitz and Dr Stuart McIntyre, can be viewed here:


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