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21st March 2013

SIBA Changes Chancellors Mind on Beer Tax


Beer Drinkers will be raising a glass of the fine amber nectar to the Health of the Chancellor who has been convinced by lobbying from both the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) and CAMRA (the campaign for real ale) to reverse Labours duty escalator.

 Last Year Gerald Michaluk one of the Scottish Trustees met with the Chancellor in Glasgow and the Chancellor’s mind, at that time, was set on continuation of the duty escalator for beer.

 Since then a effective campaign has been mounted by both SIBA, the BBPA, and CAMRA to change his mind pointing our the logic of not increasing the duty on beer.

 Gerald Michaluk commented “This is good news for the industry and great news for the responsible beer drinker, and it is above all equalling out the playing field which has for far to long been loaded against beer relative to other beverages.  Beer is a relatively lower alcohol product, with health benefits when consumed in moderation, and contains no fat. It supports around 350,000 jobs in the UK and generates £8bn in tax revenue with a total contribution to the UK economy as a whole of some £21 bn.” 


The success of effective campaigning, and the logic of the argument has won the day and this will boost the sector and will see according to the BBPA this will save 5,000 jobs this year and a further 16,000 jobs in the pub trade in 2014/15.



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