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16th December 2022

SIBA responds to Minister’s update on Deposit Return Scheme

Responding to the Minister’s published update on the Scottish Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), along with the Independent Gateway Review, SIBA Scottish Regional Director Jamie Delap commented:

“The Minister’s update today on DRS glosses over some of the fundamental issues facing the Scottish Deposit Return Scheme which are covered in damning detail in the Independent Gateway Review that concludes it cannot be delivered as planned. This Review makes it clear that it will place significant burdens on small businesses who do not have the resources or capabilities to meet its demands and need at least 18 months to prepare.

“It is therefore extremely disappointing that the Minister has failed to listen to reasonable requests from small producers to give them extra time to prepare. With only a few months to register and prepare, small businesses still do not have the full information they need to make a decision whether to continue to sell in Scotland. There are too many unknowns such as over VAT for them to start planning.

“The minister needs to recognise the reality of heavily constrained financial and time resources that small producers and brewers face – and take the steps proposed to alleviate them – most importantly an additional 18 months grace period.”



Today the Scottish Government has published its update on the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) as well as its independent Gateway Review which was conducted in May 2022 and gives a delivery confidence assessment of amber/red for the project which puts successful delivery of the project in doubt:

It also has published an updated assurance of action plan conducted in October 2022 gives a delivery confidence assessment of amber:


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