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26th January 2018

Siren brew modern take on Old Fashioned

Berkshire-based craft beer innovators Siren Craft Brew are taking a step back in time by releasing their take on the classic ‘Old Fashioned’, the Bourbon whiskey cocktail originally mixed in Louisville, Kentucky in 1881.

The 11% ABV beer ages Barley Wine in bourbon barrels for 12 months. During the year’s ageing, Old Fashioned picks up a well-rounded bourbon profile, with some vanilla and caramel sweetness. Siren suggest a classic zest to serve, Bitters optional!

Siren’s Old Fashioned RRP is £4.80 per 330ml bottle and available at




Note To Editors: Print ready artwork and trade prices available upon request.


Paul Reaney

Siren Craft Brew 07748 966697