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2nd August 2017

Siren Brewing take over Craft Beer Co

Siren Brewing are taking over Craft Beer Co. Covent Garden from 7th – 14th August and there’s some really experimental stuff (including the recent coffee beers). A few highlights… Mixed fermentation imperial rye saison; Cardamom and marmalade IPA; Strawberries & cream blonde ale;  Black treacle and fig flapjack stout; Sour IPA with grapefruit and mango pulp; Double IPA aged in gin barrels; Belgian strong ale aged in red wine barrels.

While there’s no media event, Guild members are invited to  pop along and give them a try.

For further information, or to interview any of the Siren Brewing Team, contact

Paul Reaney
m 07748 966697  e
w I fb sirencraftbrew I tw @sirencraftbrew