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14th November 2017

Skinner’s Beer Tasting Kit

An ideal gift for the beer lover, The Beer Tasting Kit is for those who want to learn more about beer and those who love hosting events.

After refining the kit at the Skinner’s pub in Cornwall for the past 8 years, The Beer Tasting Kit is a fun way for users to discover more about the beer they drink, creating their own beer academy at home. With tips on how best to host your beer tasting evening, and a resource for those who are wannabe beer nerds, the kit is a unique way to find out more information on what beer is made of; the different processes to how it’s made; the differences in taste, flavour and production of the beers; and even a quiz to test yourself on your new beer knowledge.

The Beer Tasting Kit is an accessible yet educational pack to facilitate an evening of beer tasting: helping lots of beer lovers discover much more about what goes into great ales. Available on the Skinner’s Brewery website for £19.99.

For more information or to request a kit for review, please contact:

Fiona Smith | | 07831 193250