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21st July 2020

Sobersauce Launches! Discover Great Tasting Low-Alcohol And Alcohol Free Beers

 Sobersauce is an innovative new player on the craft beer scene, curating collections of seriously great tasting non-alcohol and alcohol-free beers.

Start your journey with the Sobersauce Discovery Pack at just £19.99 for 8 beers. This is perfect for everyone, not just people who choose not to drink at all. Whether you’re interested in trying new flavours or reducing your alcohol intake, perhaps you’re bored with the usual soft drink choices and want something with lower calories, lower fat and great taste, then Sobersauce is a great choice for you.

Adam Uttley, the founder of Sobersauce, has done the hard work for you by sourcing and tasting all the non-alcoholic beers available on the market, to bring together a selection of the best tasting brands and varieties.

Adam comments “Bring back the lunchtime pint I say! For me, it’s all about flavour. From Lucky Saint to Braxzz Orange IPA and beyond, all have been carefully taste-tested, judged and curated into our collections.

“Quite often when people look into making the switch to alcohol-free beer, they pick up one or two non-alcoholic beers at the supermarket and inevitably, don’t enjoy them and perhaps even end up throwing them away. It’s a waste. With our discovery packs, 98% of people who tried them found beers that they love, so we’re saving you time and money.”

 The Sobersauce range is lower calorie, low sugar and tastes as good as your usual beer; In-fact some have dubbed it “The healthier craft beer box”. All of the beers Sobersauce champion are 0.5% ABV or under. The collections, as well as the individual beers, are available through  directly.

Once you’ve tried the Discovery Pack and know which ones you love, you can visit the “full case” page on and place an order for your favourite beer.

Available online now priced from £19.99 for the Discovery Pack. All prices include delivery charges.              


For more information, images or samples please contact AJ Sharp or Amy Goodier-Porter or