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26th November 2019

Introducing ‘The Social Brew Collective’

Social Enterprise breweries employ staff who may otherwise find getting a job to be difficult which changes lives through the process of brewing great craft beer.

‘The Social Brew Collective’ is a collaboration project uniting six of the UK’s most exciting and innovative craft breweries. They have created a series of beers proving how brewing can be inclusive and accessible to all. The campaign will create three eclectic tasting beers, each brewed in collaboration with a different Social Enterprise brewery.

The project is the brainchild of Russell Sykes – Brewing Team Lead at The Wild Beer Co. In 2018 Wild Beer brewed with Ignition Brewery in Lewisham, as part of a cask collaboration project. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the incredible work done by these social enterprises within the brewing industry, promoting great people, great breweries, & great beers!

Aiming to highlight the diversity within the brewing industry and the way in which beer can bring people together, each of the social enterprise breweries employs staff who may otherwise find getting a job to be very difficult. These breweries are businesses rather than charities, they pay fair wages to all of their staff who are in direct employment. It’s vital that the industry recognises the hard work of those fighting for diversity and inclusivity and it champions and supports these moves.

Launch: The three collaboration beers will be released on Thursday, December 5th with a launch event at Kerb – Seven Dials Market, Covent Garden. The event has an open invitation and will provide a brilliant opportunity to talk to the brewers and learn more about the breweries and the beers produced. All of the collaborations will also be pouring at each of the breweries taprooms on the same day.

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Information on Collaborating Breweries:

Tap Social:

“Founded in 2016, Tap Social Movement grew out of a passion for good beer and social justice. We are a craft brewery which provides training courses for people serving prison sentences, offering courses in brewing and business start-up, and providing one-on-one support in securing permanent employment to assist in effective rehabilitation.”

Ignition Brewing:

“Ignition Brewery is a vibrant, South London brewery which employs and trains people with learning disabilities to brew great beer. We are a not-for-profit company, paying the London Living Wage to our trainee brewers.

Our ethos is simple: our team have a lot to offer and with the right support and care, they can make beer that competes on the open market and satisfies the thirst of any customer. Our patrons buy our beer because it tastes great, as well as because of who brewed it. And that is just how we like it.”

Spotlight Brewing:

“Here at Spotlight Brewing we have three goals:

1. To craft great beer!

2. To provide a supportive and tailored working environment for people with Learning Disabilities.

3. To raise awareness and educate about the challenges people living with different Learning Disabilities face.”

The Wild Beer Co:

“The Wild Beer Co was born in 2012 out of a love of fermentation, barrel-ageing and most importantly, flavour. We believe exceptional brewing stems from imagination and passion. Our beers are brewed using modern creative techniques and ingredients while producing some of the world’s oldest beer styles guaranteed to give you a memorable drinking experience”

Gipsy Hill Brewing:

“Nestled at the base of Gipsy Hill, in South London, we brew full flavoured, moreish brews of the highest standard. Every decision we make is led by improving quality, pushing innovation and engaging with our community.”

Wild Card Brewery:

“Wild Card Brewery was founded in 2012 at the Ravenswood Industrial Estate Walthamstow.

We brewed Mon-Fri and come the weekend, we would open the brewery doors and serve up our beers. With support from the local community our shed became one of Walthamstow’s best loved bars, hosting beer festivals, tap takeovers and live music”


For more on this project, please contact:

Joel Somerville The Wild Beer Co

Digital Marketing Manager

T: 01749838742