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6th April 2020

Solvay Society is fundraising on behalf of The Drinks Trust

The London-based microbrewery is gifting beer for every donation

London: Solvay Society are launching a fundraising campaign on behalf of The Drinks Trust. They have an initial target of £100. They are encouraging people to donate £10 to The Drinks Trust via their JustGiving page. Donors are then to send their delivery address to the brewery using the same name and email address as their JustGiving account. Solvay Society shall then ship them a case of 12 beers as a gift.

“We are looking to support The Drinks Trust in their efforts to run their emergency fund for workers affected Covid-19 and to provide much needed mental health support to these workers as well. 

“We’re a small London-based microbrewery, we’ve just set-up our online shop with the aim of keeping ourselves ticking over during the coronavirus crisis. Now that we have our delivery logistics set-up we’re looking to give gifts and raise people’s spirits while promoting an important campaign on behalf of The Drinks Trust.

“We’re also hoping that we’d be giving donors the opportunity to find solace in doing something for the larger community during this time of upheaval and uncertainty.” – Roman Hochuli, Founder and Head Brewer

When the Covid-19 crisis began, Roman was on the other side of the Atlantic having embarked on a holiday that quickly derailed. His team kept sales & the Leytonstone taproom ticking over while he focused on getting back to London and putting an action plan in place.

The company’s employees have been furloughed and the brewery is working on promoting shop purchases and minimising costs to weather the storm.

They have given Seven Sisters Brewing the opportunity to sell their beer via the Solvay Society online shop as they did not have the license to set-up their own.

“We’re happy to be supporting our long-time friends at Seven Sisters Brewing and welcoming them onto our online shop. Now is the time for us to pull together as a community so as many of us as possible are still around once this crisis has passed.” – Roman Hochuli, Founder and Head Brewer

About Solvay Society

Solvay Society recently won gold for their wheat beer Superposition at SIBA’s Love Beer London festival.

Their founder, Roman, was born in Brussels but has been a Londoner for over a decade. He started their journey in 2014 brewing amongst the peacocks and geese on a farm in Ilford, on the London-Essex border.

Roman took inspiration from his scientific background for their namesake. The Solvay Conferences brought together the greatest minds in physics and chemistry in the heart of Brussels and led to some of the most fundamental discoveries of our time. Solvay Society draws its inspiration from this seminal meeting and strives to innovate and refine the art and science that is brewing. They modernise classic styles and produce modern Belgian beer with a twist.

For further information, contact:

Roman Hochuli

Solvay Society

(+44) 07975708106