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15th May 2019

St Peter’s Launches New Zero Alcohol Fruit Beer

Leading the way in the 0.0% alcohol beer category, St Peter’s Brewery has unveiled a delicious new fruit beer, Without® Elderberry & Raspberry.

Driving new innovation in the zero alcohol beer sector, St Peter’s has launched Without® Elderberry & Raspberry in response to the growing demand for healthier and more nutritionally balanced drinks that are natural, vegan and completely free from alcohol.

“There is a large and growing group of people looking for delicious craft beers that are 0.0% alcohol,” explains John Hadingham, MD at St Peter’s Brewery. “Whether they are buying them for health or religious reasons, or simply to cut down their units, we strongly believe that if the label says ‘alcohol-free’ it should mean just that, which is why we are committed to creating the most delicious beers that are completely alcohol-free.”

The brand new Without® Elderberry & Raspberry is a fruity 0.0% ABV beer that is sweet and tangy, with a pleasant fruitiness of elderberries and the lingering taste of raspberries. Without® Elderberry & Raspberry is a full-bodied and well-balanced beer with a smooth, subtly sharp bitterness. Interestingly, it is brewed using the exact methods as a normal beer, just without alcohol.

“The alcohol-free beer market is growing exponentially and we’ve been leading the way for three years now with the Without® brand, which now boast four delicious products,” continues John Hadingham, Managing Director at St Peter’s Brewery. “There is a huge consumer demand for NPD in the 0.0% alcohol category and these new launches strengthen the Without® brand and give our customers something healthy and delicious to enjoy at home or in a pub or bar,” adds John.

“Very few brewers have been able to create delicious, rich and full-bodied beers that are truly alcohol-free or that aren’t de-alcoholised,” continues John. “And yet we now produce four bona fide 0.0% alcohol beers that are meeting the demands of consumers who either can’t, or don’t want to, consume any alcohol, but still want to enjoy a real pint. This latest launch reinforces our position within the alcohol-free category and we can reveal we have more NPD to come.”

There are already three successful products in the Without® range: Without® Original, Without® Gold and Without® Organic and St Peter’s Brewery remains as one of very few brewers creating truly 0.0% alcohol craft beers. All the products in the Without® brand are brewed in exactly the same way as a normal beer, just without alcohol. They are not de-alcoholised.

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