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9th October 2018

St Peter’s Scores Gluten Free Listing with Sainsbury’s

Suffolk-based brewery, St Peter’s, has just secured an important listing for its Dark Gluten Free Beer in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

Up until now, Dark G-Free has only been available through selected outlets, however it will now be available in 156 Sainsbury’s stores across the country.

Dark copper in colour, Dark G-Free promises aromas of citrus and vintage marmalade, from Suffolk-grown Sovereign bittering hops. It is a full bodied, Coeliac UK approved gluten free beer that has a smooth and satisfying flavour and is produced using Sorghum extract, and hops.

There’s a growing interest in gluten free beers, however many available in the UK are made using malted barley which is then extracted. However, Dark G-Free is produced using more expensive sorghum, meaning the beer is 100% gluten free.

“This is an excellent listing for us,” explains David Carter, National Account Manager at St Peter’s Brewery. “Our gluten free beers, which also include G-Free, are incredibly popular with the coeliac community so it’s fantastic that Dark G-Free will now be more readily available to our customers across the UK.”

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