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2nd October 2020

Stag Brewery Video produced by the City of Westminster Archives Centre

The Stag Brewery Pimlico started in 1641 and was one of the longest running breweries in England.  When it finally closed in April 1959 the company records and documents came to be deposited at the City of Westminster Archives Centre. It’s a vast collection covering many aspects of the company history.

One of the items in the collection is an album of photographs dating from 1922 showing workers at the brewery engaged in every part of the brewing process.  The photographs reveal the skill and expertise of the workers as well as the sheer beauty of many of the machines they operated. However, they also convey a real sense of life within this close-knit community where people worked, lived and socialised.

Find the video here:

Staff at the archives centre have created a video as a way of sharing these photographs with our online audience. We would love to hear from anyone who used to work at the brewery or has any memories of it that they would like to share.  You can email us at this address: