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20th October 2021

Standard Brew Co – UK’s First Customer-Owned, Subscription-Based IPA Specialist Brewery

 Standard Brew Co ( is a customer-owned, subscription-based brewery, shipping out new and exclusive, small batch IPA’s every month. Each subscriber will receive shares in the business and become an owner with Standard Brew Co, all whilst enjoying brand new, crushable beers.

Made for people who love IPA and who want to be part of the business of brewing, Standard Brew Co is awarding shares to anyone who completes a year long subscription, every year. It’s simple, all you have to do is drink the beer. They’ll handle the rest.

Standard Brew Co is showcasing IPA for the versatile and delicious beer style that it is. Each month they will be brewing a different small batch IPA, hop-heads rejoice as the brewery will be making everything from TIPAs (AKA triple hopped brews) and SIPAs (AKA session beers) and everything in between. For £20pcm + shipping you will receive a 6-pack of tank-fresh IPA straight from the brewery; plus, for a limited time, the first month of your subscription is free. Standard Brew Co will be brewing a plethora of IPAs throughout the year, so you can guarantee no two brews will be the same.

Founded by IPA lover Milo Oddi, previously of Beer + Burger Store, The Mall Tavern & The Stag, Milo has clocked up over 10 years in the hospitality and beer industry. Standard Brew Co all started in Milo’s kitchen in North West London, making IPAs for his flatmates and friends at their legendary garden parties. Although Milo has since expanded production, the recipes still have the essence of what Standard Brew Co love: hoppy, fun IPAs.

Milo says, “It has always been about sharing. Whether that be sharing the beer at garden parties, taking it to friends’ dinners or even gifting it as presents. That’s why I wanted to make Standard Brew Co UK’s first customer-owned IPA-specialist brewery. What better way to share the experience than to award shares and a new IPA to discover every month.”

First in the range for the official website launch is Standard Brew Co IPA #003, their third IPA and the first of the subscription beers. It’s a limited small batch. There are just 1500 litres of tropical juice, and once it’s gone it’s gone. Made with barley, wheat and oats, hopped with Citra Cyro and Mosaic, with Verdant yeast. With 10kg of both Citra Cryo & Mosaic, IPA #003 is a double header of citrus and tropical juice with a hint of pine, brought together by a smooth oaty malt build and the sweet, balanced Verdant yeast. Stay tuned for IPA #004 notes, incoming December ’21.

The beers will arrive on or around the 22nd of each month from November 2021. Complete 12 months of subscription and receive 12 shares in Standard Brew Co. Drink beer to earn shares! Join the Standard Brew Co community now

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