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1st May 2018

Stephen Beaumont to tour UK

Canadian Guild member Stephen Beaumont is coming to the UK to tour his new book, Will Travel for Beer, at the end of May and beginning of June.

At present, Stephen has slots open for signings or talking and tasting events in the Birmingham/Stoke-on-Trent area on May 28 and in Manchester on June 2 and 3, with a possible opening in Edinburgh on June 1, as well. If any members are involved with or know of venues – pubs, bookstores, restaurants – that might be interested in hosting Stephen, please let him know at

More on Will Travel to Beer

Stephen Beaumont is the author of the brand new Will Travel for Beer, now available in stores and online, co-author with Tim Webb of Best Beers/Pocket Beer Book, 3rd edition, and the fully revised, updated and award-winning 2nd edition of The World Atlas of Beer.  He is also author of The Beer & Food Companion, available online and in stores.

Follow Stephen on Twitter @BeaumontDrinks