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9th October 2020

Stiegl Sonnenkönig Limited Release via Euroboozer

Rare barrel aged beers from the Stiegl Brauwelt

Each year Stiegl produce a limited run beer in their museum brewhouse Stiegl Brauwelt. These are barrel aged and bottled in stunning 750ml bottles. Over the years we’ve been importing and ageing some of these beautifully elegant Sonnenkönig (Sun King) beers. As a result, we currently have a limited amount of stock from the past five years brews.. Stiegl themselves are completely out of some of the beers listed below, Sonnenkönig II isn’t even available in Stiegl’s own museum beer library. These beers are rare as rocking horse… well you get the picture

Sonnenkönig IV 2017 made it into Guild stalwart Adrian Tierney-Jones’ top 5 barrel aged beers article in Imbibe earlier in the year (

So, in VERY limited quantities we have the following available on a first come first served basis. Further tasting notes available below…

Enquiries for orders should be made to

Beer Style ABV List Price (case of 6)
Sonnenkönig II 2015 Double WIT Tequila Barrel Aged 9.5% £109.30
Sonnenkönig III 2016 Double Chocolate Oatmeal PORTER Plum Schnaps Barrel Aged 12% £113.63
Sonnenkönig IV 2017 Double IPA Muskatell Barrel Aged 10% £109.30
Sonnenkönig V 2018 Russian Imperial STOUT Barrel Aged 9.2% £98.76
Sonnenkönig VI 2019 Weizen DOPPELBOCK Barrel Aged 12% £112.03

Stiegl-yearly specialty 2015 – limited edition: Sonnenkönig II

Double WIT Tequila Barrel Aged – Completely Out of Stock at Stiegl Brauwelt

This is drinking exceptionally well at the minute. A golden satin sheen sparkles from the glass. Orange, coriander, red-cheeked apricot and passion fruit notes blend with the aromas of tequila barrel aging. The potent first sip is characterised by a delicate sweetness, reminiscent of agave syrup. Subtle tones of the Tequila barrel continue to delight. The finely integrated sparkling quality guarantees a delicate smoothness on your tongue, finishing with an almost regal alcoholic resonance.

Stiegl-yearly specialty 2016 – limited edition: Sonnenkönig III

Double Chocolate Oatmeal PORTER Plum Schnaps Barrel Aged

Our Sonnenkönig III is aged for a number of months in old ‘Plum Schnapps’ oak barrels [these are pretty rare as Schnapps seldom goes into barrels]. We brew a [deliciously rich] Porter to the [Imperial] ‘Old English’ style with a colour reminiscent of beautiful brown chestnuts. The wonderful chocolate notes in the beer combine perfectly with the ripe plum characteristic from the oak barrels.

Stiegl-yearly specialty 2017 – limited edition: Sonnenkönig IV

Double IPA Muskatell Barrel Aged”

Orange-golden, exotic fruits, spicy muskateller bouquet, a lasting bitter and an alcoholic finish.
The Sonnenkönig IV (Sun King) radiates a sublime orange-golden hue. Spritely hoppy notes rush upwards, gaining intensity as the fine effervescence rises, reminiscent of ripe tropical fruits. The moment it touches the palate is full of surprises: hints of exotic fruits blend with the spicy nutmeg bouquet of the muskateller casks in whose French oak the beer has matured for six months. The finale culminates in a lasting bitter and an alcoholic finish.

Stiegl-yearly specialty 2018 – limited edition: Sonnenkönig V

Russian Imperial Stout Barrel Aged

Black as night, striking roasted notes with sour cherry and wood tones from the cherry-brandy barrels, alcoholic body through to the finish.
A mighty Russian Imperial Stout is the foundation of the “Sonnenkönig V.” which has been stored in a cherry brandy ash wood barrel for several months. Black as night, the prominent beer impresses with a distinctive roast flavour which, however, still allows for the expression of some sour cherry and wood flavours as well. It is not an accident that the taste reminds of a ripe Burgundy wine, as nose and palate experience a whole array of flavours, including dark stone fruit, coffee and, last not least, a delicate touch of balsamic vinegar. In union with the alcoholic body, these flavours sway in a long last dance of a majestic ball night.

Stiegl-yearly specialty 2019 – limited edition: Sonnenkönig VI

Weizen Doppelbock Barrel Aged

Finely opalescent hazelnut brown, delicate foam, opulent whisky caramel bouquet with overripe fruit, multi-layered, elegant-impressive finish.
Magnificent hazelnut brown with fine opalescence, delicate foam crown, opulent bouquet with whisky tones, caramel, overripe banana and vanilla, strong first sip, warming with oak notes, delicate bitterness and light forest-honey sweetness, multi-layered with impressive, elegant and impressively long finish.

For the full range of Stiegl available in the UK see our current availability and price list      


About Stiegl:

Stiegl has a fine brewing heritage dating back over 525 years, combining history with state of the art brewing technologies, using alpine spring water and the finest Austrian ingredients to make the tasty beer that so many in the UK’s hospitality industry have come to love. Euroboozer has been Stiegl’s UK custodian for over 13 years and has always recognised the value of aspects like training, education, knowledge, POS, trips and other areas of support.

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