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21st March 2012

Students and Professionals brought together in the all new Starpack Awards –

Following 53 years of success, this year sees the Starpack Awards give themselves the innovative re-branding the awards are famous for encouraging.

 For the first time students and industry figures will be brought together under one roof to celebrate with the major players in the package design industries. This will give aspiring design students a great chance to rub shoulders with industry professionals as well as offering a great networking opportunity for all.

 In previous years the students and industry awards were separated into different ceremonies.  Organisers at Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) see no reason not to run the awards in tandem, with a view to pairing the stars of today with designers of tomorrow. Packaging is a notoriously difficult field to recruit for and the awards have the added bonus of putting potential employees and employers in the spotlight.

 IOM3 sees the rebrand as a way to encourage more companies to enter the awards and gain industry recognition. Brand giants including Nestle and Coca-Cola provide the student briefs. Starpack invites entries from innovative companies with an aptitude for design lead packaging. The award ceremony will be held in IOM3 state of the art venue ‘The Boilerhouse’ in Grantham and will be judged by esteemed industry professionals including Greg Alder, Senior Packaging Development Manager at Asda and Alan Moffat, Packaging Development Manager, HJ Heinz.

  ‘We are very proud to win a gold Starpack Award for ZeoCool. It is a great recognition for the team and all the hard work endured. ZeoCool breaks new barriers for the industry that we serve and enables us to extend our product portfolio to meet the demands of our market place’. Steve Healy, Sales and Marketing Manager (SCA Cool Logistics- Previous gold winners)

 Entries are invited from packaging professionals by the deadline of 27 April. The awards ceremony will be held on 12 July at The Boilerhouse in Grantham.

 Starpack also invites sponsors from the packaging industry. To join our sponsors including Denny Bros and Mintel contact for sponsorship opportunities

 For further information on the categories on how to enter please visit

Contact: Viki Taylor – – 020 7451 7395