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20th January 2021

Survival Supporters & Brilliant Beer Backers – Stroud Brewery Crowdfund Campaign

Stroud Brewery needs your help to raise £100,000 in pre-sales through its “Pay it Forward” Crowdfunder campaign

Stroud Brewery has been a part of Stroud for over 200 years, we’ve looked after this important local institution for 15 years, and now employ 25 full time staff. The Brewery is a destination not only for our community but for those from further afield. It models a new way of doing business and is something for us all to be proud of.

Dedicated to brewing organic beer, and a certified B Corps – a business that prioritises People and Planet as much as Profit , their mission is nothing less than to make outstanding organic beer without damaging the planet and bring people together to drink good beer, share dreams and ideas, and inspire positive change.

Covid-19 has stopped hospitality in its tracks, and restrictions look set to stay for the coming months. The Brewery business is facing the biggest challenge it has ever faced and without support from the community, they may have to permanently close their doors. There is little government support for hospitality who are the worst affected due to the current pandemic, and it is estimated that two breweries are closing a week.

“Since we began we’ve been trying to do the right thing as a business – our mission has always been to brew beer and demonstrate good practice – and in the last three years especially, we have been really dedicating ourselves to becoming a wholly organic brewery.” Greg Pilley

The organic standards largely relate to the ingredients used in production – in Stroud Brewery’s case, the agricultural ingredients, like malts and hops – to make sure they’re not grown using pesticides or herbicides.

“This week the government announced – in an environmentally regressive decision and in a break of a previous promise – that it will permit use of a pesticide currently banned across the EU as it is believed to kill bees and insects. In the face of pressure on health and environment we see more and more people seeking out organic and ethically produced products” Says Greg

We have a great vision for the next 15 years as a forward thinking green business adapting to our shared social and environmental demands . But we need help from our supporters to make this happen so we are launching our “Pay it Forward” Crowdfund campaign to stimulate sales and support.

“I want to say that you have been fantastic over the years at making your enterprise support the local community. I am sure the local community would love a way of supporting you through your difficult times. So please do find a way of asking before it gets too dire at your end” Mark Russell, Stroud resident.

But we aren’t resting on our laurels – while our bar doors are closed we’re building new trading partnerships, and exploring new ways of working – but they are not happening quickly enough. So while we focus on our development and new trade – such as utilising our newly installed canning machine to package fresh beer on site to demand, and work with partners such as River Cottage to grow our UK and new export sales, we’re asking you to invest in Stroud Brewery’s future – by purchasing one (or more!) of our incredible Crowdfunding rewards.

Become a Survival Supporter, a Brilliant Beer Backer – and you will receive an invitation to a party at Stroud Brewery as guests of honour.


There are LOADS of ways you can support Stroud Brewery, by treating yourself or someone close to you to our new Crowdfunder rewards and help keep Stroud Brewery going through this tricky time.

Through these “Pay it Forward” options, we hope to raise the £100K we need to service our ongoing fixed costs – rent, insurance etc until April 2021.

Every single person who donates will receive tickets to our exclusive Survival Supporters & Brilliant Beer Backers Party*. It’s going to be an incredible event, with some of our FAVOURITE musicians, performers and entertainers, the party to end (or is that start) all parties!

Visit the Stroud Brewery website:

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Notes for Editors:

Stroud Brewery established in 2006 with the purpose of making great tasting beer and being the change, we want to see.

Today Stroud Brewery is a thriving enterprise. They make great tasting, ethical beer and create welcoming, fun, social spaces. They support their communities, their environment and the businesses they work with.

They are proud to be a certified B-Corp and their mission is to make outstanding Beer without damaging the planet, and bring people together to inspire positive change.

Press release from Stroud Brewery

Please contact Greg Pilley or Nadine Stroud for further information


T: 01453 887122