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7th October 2020

Take part in the York CAMRA Autumn LocAle Festival

“We want people to enjoy locally brewed beer in a safe environment – where better than one of the fantastic York Branch pubs? Help us support you and send people your way!”

York CAMRA is supporting pubs and breweries with the Autumn LocAle Festival taking place


We know our pubs need our support now more than ever.  For 5 weeks we’ll be promoting all pubs in the York Branch area that have a beer brewed by a LocAle brewery.

We will have a list of pubs supporting LocAle breweries on our website, we will have a social media campaign to raise their profile and we’ll send our members a weekly e-mail to tell them where to visit.

All you need to do to take part is e-mail us HERE – and keep us up to date with which LocAle beers you have on. It’s totally FREE to take part.

We’re hoping to start promoting the Festival from next week – so please get in touch ASAP.

Are you a brewery? Tell us which pubs in the York Branch area you’ve supplied.

Not sure what LocAle is? Simply put it’s a beer brewed with 25 miles of the pub. Stocking LocAle beers helps the local economy and the environment due to fewer ‘beer miles’.

If you’ve never stocked a LocAle beer before – why not start now? We’d love to add to our list of LocAle pubs and send our members your way.

Press release from York CAMRA

For more information, contact