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30th September 2020

The Beer Styles of Europe and Beyond

For the last two years the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) has been compiling a comprehensive list of the beer styles of Europe, to mirror the efforts of the American Brewers Association (ABA) and Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) but as read from the consumer perspective and through a European lens.  It runs to 24,000 words and includes some history, geography and myth busting, as well as descriptions of each style’s core features.  It is first such document compiled by and for consumers.

It is not intended to rival the ABA or BJCP listings but rather to complement them, dovetailing styles wherever possible, though with some visible differences, additions and deliberate omissions.

The lead author and curator of The Beer Styles of Europe and Beyond, for EBCU, is Guild member and former EBCU Executive member Tim Webb.

The document goes live on Thursday 1 October on and is intended to list all of the established beer styles in current production in the UK and Europe.  It will  will be a living manuscript, updated monthly, so suggestions for factual corrections and additions from Guild members are welcome via