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12th August 2020

The best places to live in the UK for a pick of the pints

New research has revealed that a quarter of current first time home buyers are in search of homes that are in close proximity to a pub.

Mojo Mortgages has worked out the best areas to move to if you wanted to live in the best place for a pint. The site analysed 51,168 pubs across the country and worked out the number of pubs per square mile in each location. Here are the results:

  • In the top spot is Portsmouth with 12 pubs per square mile. The average house price in Portsmouth currently stands at £244,918, and recent research by Mojo Mortgages also revealed that this city is also one of the most instagrammed beach locations to live in the UK.
  • In second place is Brighton with 11 pubs per square mile. A surge in the number of people looking for jobs outside London has been mirrored by a spike in city dwellers looking for new homes in more rural locations, and those who want a bit of city and beach life are turning to Brighton for its versatility. Now, it’s officially the second best place to live in for a pick of the pints.
  • Norwich closely follows Brighton, again with 11 pubs per square mile, and Bristol comes a close fourth with 10 pubs per square mile.

The top 10 is as follows:

Rank Location Pubs Per Square Mile
1 Portsmouth 12
2 Brighton and Hove 11
3 Norwich 11
4 Bristol 10
5 Liverpool 9
6 Dundee 9
7 Nottingham 9
8 Oxford 8
9 Worcester 8
10 Manchester 8

However, if living close to a pub just isn’t on your wish list, then head over to the Scottish Highlands as there on average, 0.03 pubs per square mile!

For the full data and methodology please visit the research page which can be found here:

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