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7th October 2020

The Charles Faram Hopwalk 2020 Recap

We hope you enjoyed the ‘HopWalk we didn’t walk’ this year!

We loved seeing all your photos and feedback for the day and can’t wait to celebrate with you all again next year.

We’ve been posting the videos from the day on our Facebook and Twitter pages but if you want to go and catch up with anything you missed visit our catch up webpage.

It’s brewing seminars, it’s hop updates, it’s new launches, it’s getting together…

It’s not a dance craze, it’s not a sponsored walk and it’s definitely not an extreme sport.

  • The latest hop news and innovations
  • Speciality malts 2020 and their influence on craft beer recipes
  • Low alcohol beer with SafBrew™ LA-01
  • A complete guide to creating and maintaining a brilliant brewery brand
  • Hop extracts offer an efficient hopping method in a post COVID brewing world
  • Optimal shive and keystone selection
  • Brewing with new season malt
  • Hop creep: The perfect storm
  • International hop farm tours. Slovenia, UK and Poland.
  • The international hop panel Q&A
  • Jeremy Swainson talks about British hops, innovation and lager brewing

Catch up here:

Press release from Charles Faram

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