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17th July 2023

The Cotswold Cider Company launches Cotswold Prime Cider

“a classic, premium craft cider embodying the essence of The Cotswold region”

  • Newly available in 50ltr keg and 500ml bottle
  • Master Cider-maker Rory Souter: “With Cotswold Prime Cider, I want the drinker to taste The Cotswolds.”
  • The Cotswold Cider Company is a leading producer of natural cider both in the region and nationally.

Cotswold Prime Cider is The Cotswold Cider Company’s latest creation – a quintessential, authentic cider characteristic of the timeless and inspiring Cotswolds landscape where the company was founded in 2009. Cotswold Prime Cider celebrates the area’s legacy of honey-stoned pubs in idyllic villages, with a stylish twist indicative of the contemporary Cotswolds.

Joining the ‘Cotswold Range’ within the company – a collection of classic ciders that bring together traditional, authentic flavours with playful innovation, Cotswold Prime Cider’s tasting notes state, ‘A fine bite to the mouth, with layers of rich baked apple and soft spice on the palate’.

“Over the years we’ve built our reputation on creating premium ciders with integrity and distinctive character”, says Rory Souter, Master Cider-Maker and Founder. “That means only fermenting from fresh-pressed cider apple juice from around the region and a long maturing time to achieve the perfect balance of tannin, acidity and depth of flavour.”

Whilst renowned for their fun and spirited personalities, such as Sideburns, Sweet Cheeks and No Brainer, Souter recognised the demand for a mid-range cider between his more dry and stronger variants that still retained the company’s craft credentials.

“Cotswold Prime Cider is a classic medium-dry easy-drinker, and at 4.6% abv, it’s both accessible and satisfyingly indulgent, rather like taking a sip of English tradition. With Cotswold Prime, we want to present The Cotswolds in a glass.” The label’s sheep represent the Cotswold breed, symbolic of the region’s historic wool trade where many a fortune was made.

The new addition will be featured in the Cotswold Inns and Hotels group, as well as local and regional wholesalers and distributors.

Notes for editors

About The Cotswold Cider Company.

Founded by Rory Souter in Coleshill in Oxfordshire in 2009, The Cotswold Cider Company are cider makers on a mission to deliver Real Good Cider – introducing premium quality craft ciders to a new audience. We are all about the full flavours of natural cider, that means we only ferment from fresh-pressed cider apple juice and mature for at least six months to let the natural tannins do the talking.

We offer an eclectic “family” of ciders with a range of inventive styles that satisfy today’s thirst for the unusual, but are grounded in the same classic slow fermentation of carefully selected cider apple varieties.

We are serious about quality and while our branding is original and distinctive, the cider is rooted in traditional methods: “Just simply, the finest regional cider apples and time, no shortcuts, and just as nature intended. That’s what we call ‘Real Good Cider’.”

Distributors e.g. Regional wholesalers e.g. Inn Express, Dayla, The Craft Drink Company. In the trade, Brewhouse & Kitchen, Harvey Nichols, local Morrisons.

For more information, and to request samples or hi-res images, contact or phone Rory on 07979 957136.

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