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30th June 2023

The Culinary App for Food and Drink Lovers

Curated by World-Renowned Expert Chefs, Sommeliers and Mixologists

Multi-award winning sommelier Pete Brown joins the app

Harnessing the knowledge of world-renowned expert chefs, sommeliers and mixologists – the Savant app is the new way to shop for food and drink.  Elevate your culinary experience, with tips, tutorials and product recommendations from award-winning experts.  Discover the very best products, and the secret of how to use them. Watch the trailer Savant here.

This week, multi-award winning sommelier and journalist Pete Brown joins the app, bringing his expertise in evaluating the diversity of beer whilst highlighting the vibrant culture surrounding it. The first of his selections guides users through the concept of craft beer, showcasing six exemplary beers that reflect the best of the category.

The app features hours of free content where distinguished experts share the very same products they use themselves.    Having tried thousands of products throughout their careers, experts such as Alex KratenaTom BrownEran TibiMicha SchäferRaimonds TomsonsJonas LodgeKatlego MlamboJordan Bailey & Majken Bailey, Ned Palmer and Elia Sebregondi have unparalleled access to the very best food and beverage producers.

Savant enables you to buy the products they recommend either individually or as a complete set, directly in the app.  Now you can enjoy the very same ingredients the experts do – from the best artisan bread, pasta and cheeses to the finest spirits, wines and so much more.  Everything you need to make a flawless nightcap or host a barbecue to the pantry items you need to make the perfect pasta.  Watch the Pete Brown trailer here

In return for providing their knowledge, insights and recommendations, experts receive a commission on every product you buy, at no extra cost to you – all the products on the platform cost the same as they would anywhere else.  And with more world-renowned talent joining the app over the coming months, the Savant App is set to become the go-to destination for culinary connoisseurs.


More on Savant:

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About the Selection:

Craft Beer

What the hell is craft beer anyway? There is no real workable definition of craft beer, but it totally exists. It’s better to show rather than tell, so here are six beers that outline the concept.

– Utopian Rainbock

– Sierra Nevada Torpedo

– Magic Rock Salty Kiss

– Deya Steady Rolling Man

– Anspach & Hobday London Porter

– Pohjala OO

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