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25th March 2015

The Global Association of Craft Beer Brewers is proud to announce its first  international collaboration brew

Global Association Craft Ale

The Global Association of Craft Beer Brewers is proud to announce its first  international collaboration brew – GlobAle Batch 01. Brewed simultaneously in seven countries across the world, the GlobAle project embodies the collaborative spirit that the GACBB represents. The project allows each brewery to show their creative individuality in the brewing process by nominating one variable in each batch which the brewers can be creative with. In Batch 01 the brewers experimented with yeast.
Seven participating breweries (Berliner Bierfabrik, Browar Ninkasi, Elysian Brewery, Hort del Barret, Lucky Bastard, vandeStreek bier, and Triggerfish Brewing) began the project in November of 2014 by developing a recipe through e-mails and online discussions. The brewers were able to share knowledge, collaborate, and discuss the finer aspects of brewing despite being separated by distance.  Because of the differing yeast strains, in some cases the resulting brews turned out quite different. Variations of Batch 01 include:

Brewery City Yeast Variety Abv % Style
Bierfabrik Berlin, Germany Fermentis Safbrew  6.9% Amber Ale
Browar Ninkasi Warsaw, Poland Safale US-05  7.9% American IPA
Elysian Brewing Washington, United States Bry96 American Ale Yeast  6.5% Dry-Hopped Amber
Hort del Barret Granollers, Spain Mauribrew Draught 6.5º Amber Ale
Lucky Bastard Brno, Czech Republic Wlp570 Belgian Golden Ale 7.6% Belgian IPA
vandeStreek bier Utrecht, Netherlands Wyeast 2112  6.5% California Common (California Steam)
Triggerfish Brewing Cape Town, South Africa Trigger Happy Ale Yeast  6.5%  IPA


This first batch of GlobAle was notably special for the GACBB as a last collaboration with one of their founding member breweries: Elysian Brewery in Seattle.  In late January of 2015, months after the brewing for GlobAle had started, it was announced that Elysian had been bought by AB-InBev. The Global Association of Craft Beer Brewers has made it its mission to build a community of independent brewers to strengthen against larger corporate players who create a difficult market for craft businesses to thrive. The GACBB would like to thank the Elysian brewers for the time they spent during this critical year at the GACBB. The GACBB presents this pre-InBev Elysian GlobAle as a tribute to the past year’s cooperation and to the work of their friends: the Elysian brewers.

GlobeAle taking place in cities where the individual breweries are located. GlobAle will also be available in select locations and festivals. More information on where you can find your local batch of GlobAle, or to stay in contact about future editions, please contact the Global Association of Craft Beer Brewers: