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20th May 2022


Suffolk-based brewery The Krafty Braumeister has built on its award-winning success by winning two medals at the London Beer Competition 2022. Wheat beer Blau & Weiss was awarded a Silver medal with 89 points, making it one point off receiving a Gold and top of the Silver medal listing. Kölschstyle Rut & Wiess was awarded a Bronze medal with 73 points. Winning a medal at the London Beer Competition is the ultimate seal of approval within the global beer industry. The 2022 judging took place in March and the winners were announced in April.

The Krafty Braumeister handcraft beers in small batches using traditional German brewing techniques. Krafty follows Reinheitsgebot, the German purity law of brewing, meaning that the only ingredients they use are malted grains, hops, yeast and water. Krafty sell six core beers, all of which are vegan friendly and free from added sugars and supplements.

Now in its fifth year, the London Beer Competition recognises, rewards and helps to promote beer brands that have successfully been created to identify with and target a specific beer drinker. The Competition singles out and shines the spotlight on the beer brands that consumers really want to buy and have a clear market value for trade buyers. The competition’s judges recognise quality, where brewing ability and technical expertise receive peer, buyer, writer and beer sommelier accreditation. The judges also award points and medals for both value and packaging.

Krafty’s founder and head brewer Uli Schiefelbein comments, “I still think I’m dreaming. Seven awards within 12 months for our handcrafted beers! A big thank you to our whole team. We receive a lot of wonderful feedback from our loyal customers too. It is enormously encouraging and, at Krafty, we are very excited to see where this will lead us to next”

Blau & Weiss is a traditional Bavarian wheat beer (Hefeweizen) with a light body and banana and clove flavours produced by the yeast. Suspended yeast gives this beer its characteristic cloudiness. This unique beer is derived from the idyllic beer garden region and blue and white skies. The London Beer Competition judges said, “Unexpected and delightful body with sweet honey and peachy aromas. Notes of banana, flowers, orange, toasted malt, butterscotch, smoked cherries on the palate with good bitterness and beautiful aftertaste.”

Kölsch-style Rut&Weiss is handcrafted in small batches in the tradition of the top-fermented “white” beers of Cologne, home of Krafty’s founder Uli. A hybrid between ale and lager, it is based on a 100- year-old recipe that Uli brought with him to Suffolk. A bit hazy in appearance, it is crisp and light. The name Rut & Wiess translates as Red & White and comes from the colours of the coat of arms of the city of Cologne. The London Beer Competition judges said, “Slightly hazy appearance with notes of cream and vanilla, balanced sweetness and bitterness on the palate with a sour finish and dry aftertaste.”

There are four main steps that Krafty does differently to most other breweries. The malt grains are always freshly ground on brewing day to ensure that the grains’ full flavour ends up in the beer and doesn’t evaporate through long storage. Krafty then use step-infusion to prolong the brewing process and make sure that all the sugars within the grains get into the beer. During mashing, temperatures are increased in stages, ranging from approximately 40°C to 78°C. The sugars found in the beers are solely produced from the grains. No chemicals are added to speed up the fermentation process, nor are finings added to clear up the beer’s appearance. Krafty’s beers are also not filtered to ensure that all the natural full flavours and aromas are maintained. Before decanting into bottles and kegs, Krafty adds fresh yeast and unfermented wort into the fermenting vessel, a process called ‘Kraeusening’. This continues the carbonation process and ensures that carbon dioxide is produced naturally in the bottle, which adds refreshing fizziness.

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Editor’s Notes

About The Krafty Braumeister

The Krafty Braumeister was founded by Uli Schiefelbein in 2018. Uli’s love for brewing began when he was working in Baghdad, where the only available beers were canned, stored at temperatures above 40°C and brewed under license of two of the world’s biggest breweries. There was only one solution: to brew his own. Uli came to Suffolk in 2013 because of his wife Auriol. After studying historical German beer-styles and learning professional brewing in the UK, they opened The Krafty Braumeister.

• Schwarz & Weiss: Golden Fork Nominated, 3-stars Great Taste Awards, Silver London Beer Competition (2021)
• Hoppediz: Silver London Beer Competition (2021)
• Blau & Weiss: Silver London Beer Competition (2022)
• Rut & Wiess: Bronze London Beer Competition (2022)

Instagram: @kraftybraumeister

Press release from Krafty Braumeister