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28th February 2012

The Krombacher Brewery in Germany Unveils State of the Art Visitors Centre

 The Krombacher Brewery in Germany, the home of the country’s number one premium beer has unveiled its state of the art visitor’s centre which has seen an investment of €3million and has taken just six months to complete.

The brewery, which has been brewing quality beers since 1803 is owned by the Schadeberg family whose commitment and dedication to Krombacher has continued over three generations.

Building onto the existing visitor’s centre which was originally opened in 1997 and welcomes over 74,000 visitors annually, the centre now boasts a newly designed panoramic cinema with new footage and breathtaking images demonstrating how Krombacher is brewed using the unique spring water, known as Felsquellwasser, which originates at the base of the Rothaar mountains.

Other new elements to the Krombacher visitors centre includes the room of senses which allows visitors to touch, smell, hear and feel the quality raw ingredients that go into making Krombacher.  Several other new exhibition areas have been introduced throughout the tour including the history of the brewery, the people who work there, the range of products brewed and the commitment of Krombacher to the environment.

The tour of the brewery, which takes approximately three and a half hours to experience, culminates in the sampling of what is known as the ‘Krombacher Triade’ – Siegerländer Katebrot und Schinken- the delicious and moreish bread and ham from the Siegerland region complete with freshly tapped Krombacher, all in the comfort of the brewery tap.  To top off the Krombacher experience, visitors can take home their own individual bottle of Krombacher by creating their own personalised label in the Krombacher shop.

Oliver Braun, International Sales Director for Krombacher said: “The visitors centre looks fantastic and we’re hoping that people from other countries as well as those from Germany will visit us and see the passion, expertise and commitment to quality that goes into brewing Germany’s number one premium beer.  The people that visit our brewery leave inspired from what they have seen and take with them the passion for Krombacher.”


The nearest airports to the Krombacher Brewery are: Cologne (80km – travelling time approx 1hr); Dortmund (80km – travelling time approx 1hour); Düsseldorf (100km – travelling time approx 1.5hours) and Frankfurt am Main (150km – travelling time approx 2 hours).


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For enquiries on how to become part of the Krombacher family, please contact Julian Penny, Country Manager UK for Krombacher on 07747 097 992




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Emma Currin

Leisure PR and Communications Ltd on behalf of Krombacher

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Photography: A section of images of the new visitors centre are available.  Please find attached a link to access these files:

Photo: The Krombacher Visitor Centre – welcome to Krombacher!

Photo:  Visitors to the Krombacher Brewery Raise a Glass of Krombacher –

Photo: Krombacher’s Panoramic Cinema –

Photo: The Room of senses –