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12th October 2020

The new book by Jan Swerts is now available

Jan Swerts
50 Shades of Beer

Genre: Biographies
Illustrations: yes
Size: 16 x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-94-640-3744-9
Number of pages: 250
Price: € 23,99
Shipping outside The Netherlands and Belgium requires an additional shipping fee

This book tries to spark curiosity and interest, all in a light and entertaining way, just like having a beer and a chat with friends at the local pub. It does not pretend to be highbrow literature but is a congenial attempt at accounting my very own discoveries and experiences all into one. It tries to explain the history of beer, as well as its traditions and legends.

Read an excerpt from the book of Jan Swerts
In the corner of my eye, I detected a shop that was still open. It was the local Indian guy with his night shop. It’s a place of last resort for many of us. The lifesaver when you’re out of cigarettes or a lighter. When you had gone through your last roll of toilet paper, Sanket was your saviour. I remembered that Sanket always had some wine stored in his shop. I had seen it many times when I ran out of cigarettes. They could be stored there for years, that is true, but that was of least importance at this moment. I had to bring something that looked like a red wine bottle. It didn’t matter if it was from Argentina or Chakalaka. She wouldn’t notice the difference anyway, I thought. That way, I could save my skin and avoid the deadly injection, and who knows; see my body lotion once more.
I went into the store and took a look around. There was no wine in sight for miles. I asked Sanket, hiding a knot in my throat, why there was no wine. He said it was confiscated last week by the police because his license had expired. My head dropped between my shoulders and I fell to the floor on my knees. I raised my arms into the air, threw my head backwards and yelled: nooooooooooooooooh! The echo of my last cry kept reverberating in the shop for a good while. Sanket looked at me a bit weird and asked me what was going on. I explained to him what my girlfriend wanted and what I had forgotten. And that the guests were already on their way to our place. He said in his Indi-English way: “O mister Jan, you are in big shit.” I was thinking: my dear Sanket, big shit is not the word. I’m a dead man.

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About the author
Jan Swerts, born (that’s right) in Tongeren, Belgium on the 21st of August. He is also the author of “The Soulmatters(s)”, published in 2017, co-author of “The Solution – Het Ontwaken” from Dr. Segu Krishna Ramesh, published in 2018. He is a beer and wine lover, a world traveler, and a beer guide. He likes cultures and languages. He has a passion for hospitality, food, and drinks. 50 Shades of beer are about 50 descriptions and fun facts about randomly chosen beers, which the author had tasted in the last 40 years. He tells about the history of these beers and about the supposed legends connected to it. Each beer has its own hilarious story – written in the spirit of that era – which the author had experienced or supposedly had experienced. It could be that the stories are made up or true. He leaves that to the fantasy of the reader.

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