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26th May 2023

The Steel Keg Association Recognised as an Official Partner of World Refill Day (June 16)

Celebrate World Refill Day on June 16 by raising a draft beer in celebration of REUSABLE steel kegs

DENVER, Colo/Bristol, UK. (May 25th 2023) – The Steel Keg Association is proud to be recognized as an Official Partner of World Refill Day (June 16th), a global day of action to accelerate the transition away from single-use containers. This recognition comes through a new global sponsorship with City to Sea, the environmental not-for-profit behind World Refill Day.

Considering steel kegs deliver a fresh draft beer experience most consumers can’t get from home, they are a particularly refreshing reusable container to celebrate this World Refill Day. Steel kegs’ reusability enables the elimination of 10 BILLION single-use cans, bottles, and plastic kegs in the US and UK alone and their long life span (more than 30 years) is unmatched in the beverage industry.

“I want to raise a glass to the Steel Keg Association, who are the champions of the most environmental way to drink beer – through a reusable keg,” says Natalie Fee, award-winning environmentalist and founder of City to Sea. As an environmental charity and social enterprise behind the award-winning Refill Campaign, City to Sea has saved 100 million pieces of plastic from entering our waste stream. The nonprofit is on a mission to stop plastic pollution at source and make it easier for everyone to live with less waste.

“Enjoying a beer in a reusable glass poured directly from a reusable keg or cask is not only delicious but it’s also proven to be the most environmentally friendly way to enjoy a tipple,” she continued. “This original reuse system is proven to be efficient, effective and affordable and it completely eradicates the need for single-use packaging.”

“When we learned more about the work City to Sea is doing to eliminate single-use containers, especially the momentum behind World Refill Day, we knew we had to get involved,” said Dan Vorlage, Executive Director of the Steel Keg Association and MicroStar Logistics’ VP of Global Marketing. “Our planet is not disposable, and our products shouldn’t be either. On World Refill Day, we encourage everyone to increase their adoption of simple, reusable packaging solutions that benefit business owners, consumers, and the environment.”

World Refill Day, is a Global Day of Action, run by the not-for-profit City to Sea, that prevents plastic pollution and helps people live with less waste. The campaign is designed to create an alternative vision of the future and accelerate the transition away from single-use plastic and towards refill & reuse systems.

City to Sea’s free Refill app lists more than 45,000 locations across the UK where Brits can fill up with free drinking water, find plastic-free shopping options or save on hot drinks and food to go when they bring their reusables.

Last year’s World Refill Day saw participation by over 80 countries, reaching millions of people around the world helping people live with less waste and reduce single-use plastic.


About City to Sea

About City to Sea: City to Sea is a not-for-profit that campaigns to stop plastic pollution at source. To find out more about City to Sea, please visit

About the Steel Keg Association 

The Steel Keg Association is a marketing-focused non-profit organization on a mission to help increase the volume of beer and other beverages served from stainless steel kegs. The Association’s members represent a diverse collection of leaders in the global steel keg supply chain: BLEFA GmbH, DisptekGroup, Hillebrand Gori, Micro Matic, MicroStar Logistics, Schaefer Container Systems and Thielmann. To learn more or get involved, email or visit

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