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9th September 2021

The Thinking Drinkers Pub Quiz Tour

July 2021 – 21 May 2022

After 18 months doing a lot of selfless work for charity, The Thinking Drinkers are embarking on a national tour with their brand-new, possibly record-breaking new show – which gets the rounds in, in more ways than one.

The “Thinking Drinkers Pub Quiz” is an interactive imbibing experience that sees every audience member getting FIVE FREE drinks while competing for amazing prizes in a cabaret-style quiz hosted by Tom Sandham and Ben McFarland, award-winning drinks experts, comedians. Hooch historians and alco-demics

In stark contrast to those tedious Zoom quizzes everyone got bored with back in April 2019, this very funny, fact-filled show pulls down the pants of the pandemic and breathes life back into the iconic elbow-bending institution that is the proper pub quiz.

“The last 18 months have been very difficult for everyone and has raised a lot of profound questions about us as a society,” said Ben. “Rest assured, none of those questions will be in our Pub Quiz. Instead, expect to discover how drink has influenced every aspect of humanity – from geography and language to history, religion, the animal kingdom and, most crucially, our ability to name five London Underground stations named after pubs.”

“Some people reckon that drink can decrease the number of brain cells but our Pub Quiz is sure to perk up your prefrontal cortex and increase them…probably,” said Tom. “While everyone enjoys a quality collection of complimentary drinks, we’ll be taking everyone on an entertaining and intoxicating journey through history – while putting them through an extremely thorough quizzical.”

The interactive imbibing quiz will see theatre-goers going head-to-head with a quiz sheet and pencil in one hand – and a selection of first-class, flavoursome fermentables in the other. These include a superb small-batch, sustainable UK gin; a proper pilsner-style London lager; a sensational Venezuelan sipping rum and a wonderful Japanese whisky.

Hosted by the UK’s leading, and only, “pioneers of alcohol-based comedy”, the Thinking Drinkers Pub Quiz is a truly awesome and unique night out that those boring old men sat at the bar who win every week can’t spoil.

There’ll be no mobile phones. No googling. No going to the toilet to phone a friend (you are allowed go to the toilet for a wee…) and no quibbling over half points. But there will be five delicious, dapper drinks. Did we mention the free drinks? Oh, and don’t forget the prizes. They’re good too.

So, escape your armchair and come slide gently onto the bar stool of drinking discovery as the Thinking Drinkers prove, once and for all, that many of life’s most important – and utterly irrelevant – questions can be found at the bottom of a glass.

** The five free drinks given to ticket holders will be provided in Covid compliant packaging.

Twitter: @ thinkingdrinks    Instagram: @thinkingdrinkers

Tour dates

For tickets visit:

16 July 2021                           London                        Underbelly

15 September 2021                London                        Underbelly

16 September 2021                Lincoln New                 Theatre Royal

18 September 2021                Barnard Castle            The Witham

24 September 2021                Bristol                          Hen and Chickens

25 September 2021                Colchester                  Arts Centre

2 October 2021                       Leeds                          Carriageworks

9 October 2021                       Newbury                      Arlington Arts Centre

15 – 16 October 2021             Guildford                     G Live

22 October 2021                     Bath                            Komedia

23 October 2021                     Cambridge                  Junction

30 October 2021                     Finchley                      Arts Depot

5 November 2021                  Winchester                  Theatre Royal

8 November 2021                   Didcot                          Cornerstone

13 November 2021                 Tunbridge Wells          Trinity Theatre

19 – 20 November 2021          Shrewsbury                 Theatre Severn

4 December 2021                   Maidenhead                Norden Farm

9 December 2021                   Swindon                      Arts Centre

10 December 2021                 Farnham                     Maltings

22 January 2022                     Havant                         The Spring

9 February 2022                     Epsom                         Playhouse

10 February 2022                   Wellingborough           Castle Theatre

25 February 2022                   Cheltenham                Town Hall

26 February 2022                   London                        Leicester Square

5 March 2022                          Southampton              MAST (Mayflower Theatre Studio)

12 March 2022                        Southend                    Palace Theatre

13 April 2022                          Maidstone                   Hazlitt Theatre

21 April 2022                          Halifax                         The Square Theatre

22 April 2022                          Warrington                  Parr Hall

23 April 2022                          Salford                        The Lowry

7 May 2022                             Northampton               Royal and Derngate

13 May 2022                           Crewe                         Lyceum

19 May 2022                           Brighton                      Komedia

20 May 2022                           Wigan                          The Old Courts

21 May 2022                           Newcastle                   The Stand

Press release from the Thinking Drinkers

For more information please contact Gaby Jerrard / Amee Smith / / 020 7690 0006