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10th September 2021

The Time is Now: Immediate Brewing Releases Carbon Negative Beers

Immediate Brewing, one of England’s newest and most progressive craft beer makers, announced the release of its pale ale today.

Made using sustainable practices, Immediate is a carbon negative beer that saves 100 grams of CO2 emissions per can. The brewer uses local ingredients, including English hops, and surplus bread to craft a fresh take on this country’s beer making tradition. Immediate also minimizes the use of plastic in its packaging.

Founded at the University of Southampton by 2021 grad Dimitris Stoidis, Immediate is a product aligned with the values of a new generation that believes consumption should address climate change, not contribute to it. Stoidis may have studied aerospace engineering at university, but now he wants to make a difference with brewing.

“Beer for me is the vehicle for the changes we want to make,” Dimitris says. “We love beer, but it’s not why we do things, if that makes sense. It’s a lot bigger than that. It’s about sustainability, climate, everything…”

That’s why Immediate has made nine pledges to promote sustainability in the production of its ales, including only using ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible and always within the UK. Immediate uses English hops Olicana, which imbues brews with a grapefruit zing, and Archer, a staple of British brewing. So there’s no need to burn fuel importing hops from overseas markets.

The bottom line is that beer, or any other product, is more than what you hold in your hand – it has an impact on the planet. Sustainability isn’t a marketing gimmick, it’s a mindset. It isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Young people know we can’t greenwash our way out of this planetary crisis. But the good news is that it’s not that hard to make sustainable consumption normal.

That’s why this pale ale is called Immediate. There’s not a moment to spare when it comes to changing our wasteful habits. Plus when you’re in the mood for a refreshing pale ale brewed locally with home-grown ingredients, why wait a moment longer? Pop open a can with your friends, and pour that magic liquid into a glass… Immediately!

Immediate will be distributed throughout and Southampton pubs and shops.

Press release from Immediate Beer

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