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28th March 2023

The UK’s Exceptional Hops and Barley Inspire Good Karma’s New Core Range

Good Karma Beer Co. has launched Tantra, the first of its brand-new alcohol-free core range, brewed in Kent using 100% British-grown ingredients.

Steve Sailopal, owner of Good Karma Beer Co., is no stranger to the challenges faced by both the brewing industry and alcohol-free producers. Having recently relocated to Kent, the change in space has resulted in a change in purpose, with a new lifestyle to improve his mental health being the perfect excuse to reassess the values of the brewery.

At a time when the importance of supporting local producers has never been greater, Steve felt it was crucial to go back to the foundations of the business, starting with the ingredients used in each of the beers. By focusing on sustainable brewing practices and his new community, Steve has chosen to embrace the rich history and quality of British hops and malts, making Good Karma beers more sustainable and inevitably more appealing.

With diverse aromas ranging from tangerine and citrus, to marmalade, spice, and floral notes, British hops offer a unique taste that is often overlooked in favour of flavours with a lot of airmiles attached. The new plan to exclusively use locally sourced, 100% homegrown ingredients allows Good Karma to support local farmers and reduce its carbon footprint.

Steve comments: “I’ve always been a fan of Kent hops. Now that we brew here in Kent and are surrounded by such wonderful ingredients and producers, I’m proud that we get to support our community whilst significantly reducing our airmiles, and doing our bit for the planet. Guess we call that good vibes!”

“We’ve released 12 different alcohol-free beers over the past 14 months, in a wide variety of beer styles, to test the market and anticipate the direction that the industry is heading in. I feel that the time is now to concentrate on our core range, so have created a set of beers that are the foundations of the new direction for Good Karma Beer Co. for 2023 and beyond”, Steve continues.

Alongside the brand’s core message of “be good, do good, feel good”, Steve hopes that by reconnecting with local ingredients for each of Good Karma’s alcohol-free small-batch beers, it will help people to understand the importance of supporting their neighbours and celebrating homegrown.


Tantra British Hopped IPA is the first of the new core range. Brewed using two exciting British hops, Olicana® and Jester®, this harmonious hop combination imparts delicious tropical fruit flavours and aromas, including mango and grapefruit.

As well as supporting British hop farmers, the beer is vegan-friendly and contains no more than 0.5% ABV.

Tantra is available to buy today from selected retailers across the UK and via the Good Karma Beer Co. webshop.

Further beers in the brand-new core range will be released throughout spring 2023. For more information, please visit the website.

Notes to Editors

About Good Karma Beer Co.

Starting their alcohol-free journey back in 2016, Good Karma Beer Co. is part of a culture shift towards a more sustainable, diverse, and equal society. The brand is committed to brewing traditionally-made beers without any unnecessary processes or additions. Future plans involve opening a Good Karma brewery in Kent, but for now, the beers are all brewed at another local brewery.

Sustainability and good vibes are at the heart of Good Karma, and the first of the core range, Tantra, is available now, with further beers in the range to be released throughout spring 2023.

Mindfulness has become an important practice in our society, with a heightened awareness of mental health issues and emotional well-being, particularly in light of the recent global pandemic. Challenging times can have an inspiring way of bringing out the best in people, and Good Karma’s path has led them to a new life in Kent with a renewed sense of purpose for their place in the beer world, and the meaningful connections they make.


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