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29th November 2022

Theakston teams up with Blackrose Pubs to reignite passion for cask

Yorkshire-based brewery, T&R Theakston has partnered with Newcastle’s Blackrose Pubs as the two companies look to showcase the creativity of cask beer to a new generation.

The partnership, which will see Theakston Best Bitter available in all of the pub group’s 27 cask serving pubs, comes as the almost 200-year-old brewery has continued to disrupt the cask market, most recently through launching Summit, a 4.2% ABV Pale Ale which has been specially brewed to be served extra chilled through a dedicated hand pump.

Alongside supplying the group’s venues, the brewery is also imparting its centuries of wisdom on all of the pub company’s staff, providing training at its brewery in Masham on conditioning, tapping the casks, cellar maintenance and – importantly for the customers – achieving the perfect pour.

Commenting on the partnership, Simon Theakston, joint managing director of T&R Theakston, said: “As a brewery we’re passionate about our product and about championing the wider cask market, so it’s fantastic to be working with Blackrose Pubs who appreciate the craftmanship that goes not just into creating the beer, but also ensuring it’s delivered in prime condition to customers.

“With almost two centuries of brewing expertise behind us, we know how important it is to pass on the skills of conditioning, tapping casks and cellar maintenance to the next generation of pub leaders. We’re very excited to see where our journey together takes us.”

Fiona Smith, procurement manager at Blackrose Pubs, added: “As a business we believe a pub is so much more than just bricks and mortar, and want to create expert-led pubs that put customers at the heart. So when we were looking for a cask partner, Theakston, with its “more than just a pint” philosophy, was an obvious fit. As a brewery its beer is iconic and as a business it has a heritage and expertise which spans generations, so who better to share their knowledge with our teams!

“This is just the first step in this partnership, but the feedback from our customers about Theakston Best and our team’s understanding of cask beer has already been overwhelming. Hopefully together with Theakston, we can reignite the UK’s love for cask beer by showcasing the fantastic products which are available.”

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