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31st August 2022

Thornbridge’s Flagship Barrel Age Programme wins ‘World’s Best’

Necessary Evil Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, the flagship barrel aged beer in the Thornbridge portfolio has won one of the most acclaimed awards in beer. The beer won ‘Best Flavoured Beer in the World’ at the 2022 World Beer Awards. The 13% Imperial Stout won the National Qualifying round in the ‘Best Wood Aged Beer in the UK’, then progressed to winning ‘Best Flavoured Beer in the UK’ before advancing to compete against all of the other National winners from around the world and subsequently winning the prestigious ‘Best In The World’ title.

CEO, Simon Webster commented – ‘Necessary Evil is gradually becoming as iconic as Jaipur for us. The original Bourbon version has won so many National and International awards in recent years and the latest variants including Cognac, Triple Sec and Caribbean Rum have also received multiple awards and high acclaim. This gives us the confidence to push on with the programme and invest in more exciting barrels from around the world to keep up with consumer demand’.

Thornbridge have two other brand new Necessary Evil versions which will be released later in 2022. If you want to try the World’s Best and other variants, head to the Thornbridge website.

Press release from Thornbridge Brewery.

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