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18th August 2022

Three of the world’s greatest beers, according to Jonny Garrett

The Craft Beer Channel’s Jonny Garrett is one of eight award-winning authors, influencers and experts who has used his expertise to compile World’s Greatest Beers, featuring 250 of the best beers from around the world.

World’s Greatest Beers, published on 1 August, is a collection of personally selected beers from across the globe that will excite, interest, and intrigue you – all of which are available here in the UK.

Jonny Garrett is a multi-award-winning writer, photographer, and broadcaster. He is co-founder of YouTube’s Craft Beer Channel, a homebrewing, documentary and travel show with over 130,000 subscribers and 9 million views. He’s also a journalist, podcaster and author of three books including the Fortnum & Mason Award and Guild of Food Writers Award winning title: A Year in Beer. In 2019 the British Guild of Beer Writers named him Beer Writer of the Year.

Here are three of Garrett’s recommendations straight from the book:

The Alchemist’s Focal Banger (7% ABV) – Where Hazy IPAs are defined by their very low bitterness, Focal Banger is defined by how high it is. We’re talking tongue-scrapingly, head-spinningly bitter; the kind of bitterness when you crave another sip just to wash it away. And let me tell you, it is exhilarating.

Allagash White (5.2% ABV) – “If I were only allowed one beer to drink for the rest of my life, Allagash White might just get the nod. It is unfailingly delicious, whether you’re drinking at the brewery, or the dingiest Boston dive you can imagine. It is a rare thing – a beer just as exciting and refreshing at the first sip as it is six pints deep. But don’t take my word for it – just ask any New Englander. They’ve all been there.”

Boon’s Oude Geuze Black Label (6.4% ABV) – “Making Lambic is a long, torturous process, but blending it into Gueuze is where the art is. Finding that sweet spot between dryness and body; teasing out beautiful aromas with the perfect amount of each age and barrel; and producing something so complex yet approachable is no mean feat. Neither is the fact that the top four Gueuzes I have ever tried all have Black on the label.”

These are just three of 31 beers selected by Garrett in World Greatest Beers.

Garrett says: “For me, there are two kinds of beer that could be labelled ‘best in the world’. The first is one so delicious you just can’t put it down and keep going back to the bar for. The other is a unique beer that makes such a mark on the drinker’s subconscious that their mind keeps going back to it, even if they never drink it again. Its influence goes beyond the moment and becomes cultural.”

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