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22nd September 2022

Tickets are going live for the Women in Beer Seminar at WiB Fest!

Edinburgh-based “women who beer group” Beers Without Beards have announced that  tickets have now gone live for their Women in Beer Seminar as part of the second edition  of their Women in Beer Festival (WiB Fest) on the 21st of October 2022. 

For this year’s WiB Fest, the popular beer group have organised a day-long industry  seminar, complete with talks and tastings. 

The first-ever Women in Beer Seminar will address various topics linked to the problems faced by the modern-day beer industry. 

From a discussion on the actions taken after the “Beer Me Too” movement to talks  about the challenges faced by breweries when they decide to ‘Scale Up’, the all-day event  will  be  an  event  showcasing some  of  the  most  talented  female  and  non-binary’s  professionals in the industry.   

Beer tastings on modern lager or on yeast and its expression in beer styles will complete  the day. 

Prestigious speaker  from  all  over  the  country  have already  confirmed  their  presence including  Jaega Wise from Wild Card brewery, Jenn Merrick from Big Smoke  Brew Co., and Charlotte Cook from Coalition Brewery. 

Amélie Tassin, founder of Beers Without Beards and WIB Fest said: “For this year’s edition of the festival, I wanted to create a safe space where women and non binary folk can talk about and showcase their work but also discuss the issues facing our  industry.” 

The event will be held at Moonwake Beer Co. Taproom in Leith, a brewery known for  its stance on inclusivity and diversity. As a brewery they believe there is a beer out there  for  everyone  and they aim  for their beers  to  be  accessible  and  enjoyable  by  anyone  regardless of their background. 

Sarah  Sinclair,  Marketing  manager  at  Moonwake  Beer  Co.  and  guest  speaker  at  the  seminar said: 

“We designed our taproom, and brewery, to be an open and embracing space so we’re proud  to be the hosts for such a prestigious line-up of speakers and to facilitate an important event  for the beer industry as a whole.” 

On her participation as speaker Sarah added: 

“I’m looking forward to speaking at WiB Fest’s Women in Beer Seminar as  I believe craft  beer can be a tool for social change and it’s events like these that can help empower women  and non-binary people in our industry and also grow diversity in our industry on a larger  scale.”

The event is open to all genders and aims to offer a safe space for discussions and an opportunity  for  the  attendees  to make  new  connections  and  generate ideas  for  future  collaborations.  

People will be able to choose between 3 levels of tickets: morning session (£30), afternoon  session (£35) or the whole day session including a lunch (£55).  

Full planning and tickets for the Women in Beer Seminar can be found on Beers Without  Beards website

Note to Editors:  

About Beers Without Beards: 

The  “Beers  Without  Beards”  group is  a  group  of  women  who  like  beer  and  enjoy  drinking and learning about it.  It’s not about excluding men but creating a “safe space”  for women to experiment and learn about craft beer. 

Through the group our members can discover pubs or taprooms, learn about craft beer, and meet some inspiring women from the brewing industry. 

In reality, we don’t have anything against beards! Although this is a women-only group,  there are plenty of our events that are open to everyone (including those with beards!). 

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How to join the group:  

Beers Without Beards on Facebook: 

About the organiser  

Amélie Tassin – Founder and Organiser 

Based in Paris before moving to the UK in 2018, Amelie has worked in marketing in the  beer industry for almost 15 years.  

She founded the Beers Without Beards group in 2018 and WiB Fest in 2019, with the aim  to encourage women  to  try and enjoy new beer but also  to highlight women and non binary folk who works in the industry.  

Amelie is also the founder and director of Tipple Marketing Ltd, a marketing and strategy  agency who help food and drinks businesses find their place in a competitive market.

Press release from Tipple Marketing Ltd.

For further information, please contact Amélie Tassin via