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10th December 2018


Guild member and recent award-winner Alastair Gilmour has rediscovered what he calls “a lost masterpiece” which he had donated to a pub in Gateshead.

It’s a collage of beer-bottle tops made to look like a tankard which he admits was constructed “probably in moments of idleness” some 12 years ago.

“The Borough Arms which I frequented then went through a couple of changes of ownership,” says Alastair. “It’s now no longer a pub but a study centre for the local Jewish community.

“I often wondered what had happened to the artwork, then a relative tracked it down last month – damaged with bits missing – and I’ve just restored it. I originally tried to give the it shape by using different colours and shades of caps which I still think works reasonably well.

“Turner prize, what Turner prize?”

A close inspection reveals the markings where every bottle top has been flipped off (and the contents consumed) which adds a personal touch. Now he’s wondering where to put it…



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