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19th February 2013

Twin peak of brewing

When Thornbridge Meet Sierra.png

 Across the world beer is known as the  great social able drink that brings people together to enjoy good times. Those in the brewing world are also blessed with an industry that is open and friendly  – brewers love to meet brewers, talk about brewing and guess what – yes, make and drink beer.

“When we started out at Thornbridge in 2005” says Simon Webster (Chief Operating Officer) “we had beers in mind that inspired and unashamedly influenced us in the ones we wanted to brew. Sierra Nevada beers were at  the top of that list. Within a few years of brewing we were also fortunate enough to meet the guys leading  the brewery and  get an insight into their approach – their beers blew us away but  their approach to quality and their  way of doing business literally left us speechless”.

After Thornbridge’s Head Brewer Rob Lovatt visited Sierra Nevada in 2012 a plan was hatched for Steve Grossman, Sierra’s brewing ambassador, for the two breweries to produce a collaborative brew. During a visit to Thornbridge in 2009 Steve had drunk Thornbridge beers and had been  “extremely impressed with the tremendous flavours and impeccable balance of the beers especially in ones with relatively low strength”.   “We agreed to use hops from Sierra’s own supplies and malts from the UK to make a Pale Ale at 5%. After the brew we used a “Hop Torpedo” to maximise the great flavours and aromas of the hops! ” reports Lovatt.  “A real collaboration of the Old Country and the New Wave of brewing” comments Grossman .


The result of the cross Atlantic working is “Twin Peaks” a full of flavour Pale Ale at 5% with aromas of tropical fruits – pineapple and mango balanced with the refreshing taste of lemon sherbet –refreshing and easy drinking.

Twin Peaks is released on the 25th February. Watch a film, made by award winning director Mark Bull* of Zerobelow,  of the Twin Peaks collaboration  at
*Mark Bull is a multiple award winning film maker and producer from Sheffield, UK, He has worked with Arctic Monkeys, The Stone Roses, Pulp and Kid Acne.  His creative portfolio has seen screenings at festivals and exhibitions from Los Angeles to Rarotonga. His videos have reached over 7 million views online and become the most requested video on MTV.