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30th November 2021

Two fascinating features drop on CAMRA’s Learn & Discover platform

After celebrating Cider and Perry Month throughout October, CAMRA’s Learn & Discover platform has added two more features to its extensive library.

All three parts of the ‘Pub of the Future’ series, written by Katie Mather and illustrated by Lucie Cooke, are now available. This is accompanied by an updated and extended edition of Alison Taffs’ ‘Journey of a Cask’ video guide.

Katie Mather’s ‘Pub of the Future’ series has been rolling out on the platform over the past few months, with the final part dropping at the end of November. The series is a positive look at the way pubs can evolve and thrive in the not-too-distant future. The third and final instalment specifically explores how pubs can adapt to serve their communities in new ways and maintain their central role in society post-Covid. Each segment is accompanied by compelling illustrations by Lucie Cooke. CAMRA members can read Part Three of Pub of the Future here:

In ‘Journey of a Cask’, drinks educator and co-owner of the award-winning Hop Inn micropub in Hornchurch Alison Taffs guides viewers through an introduction to cask beer on its journey from the brewery to your glass at the bar. In this video guide, Alison answers the question of why cask beer is different from other types of beer, and why it is such a special and masterfully crafted drink.

The trailer for Alison’s guide is available for all to watch here, while CAMRA members can access the full guide via the CAMRA website:

CAMRA’s Learning & Discovery Manager Alex Metcalfe said: “These features are great additions to our ever-expanding library. I’m excited to reintroduce Alison’s guide to the Journey of a Cask, after it has been updated and expanded to include a greater focus on how cask beer is cared for by those serving it in pubs. The Pub of the Future series is an important piece for CAMRA to host, as the longevity of our locals is a core value of ours, and Katie’s feature is a fresh idea of how pubs can grow and adapt to changing communities and situations.”

CAMRA’s online learning platform is home to a wealth of new content from writers, educators and experts. New guides, articles, videos and audio content are added every week, exploring everything there is to know about beer, cider, perry and pubs.

The text of the articles and access to videos is available to interested press for review – contact to learn more. All new content includes free intros and taster sessions for non-members, so that visitors to the site can get a feel for the benefits of a CAMRA membership. To access member-only content, CAMRA members simply need to sign in at the top of the webpage with their membership number and password. Non-members can join the campaign for just £28.50*/year.

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