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15th October 2013


This winter sees two new permanent additions to the Innis & Gunn stable: Toasted Oak IPA, which will join the brewer’s core range as Blonde bows out, and Innis & Gunn Lager, the first release in Innis & Gunn’s new Craft-Brewed portfoli




Toasted Oak IPA (5.6%)


Toasted Oak IPA_darkglass.jpgPacking a major hop punch, this is a triple-hopped brew matured for 41 days over specially toasted American oak heartwood chips.  Two batches are added during the main brewing process with the third charge introduced post fermentation – a process which builds layers of zesty aroma and flavour, extracting the floral nuances from the hops.  The beer is then finished over toasted oak to give it a rich, rounded quality much like an authentic IPAs of the 1800s.




To preserve this IPA’s intense hop character, Innis & Gunn will be bottling Toasted Oak IPA in brown 330ml bottles.




Colour:           Pale gold


Smell:             Freshly mown grass, clean grapefruit and pine trees


Taste:             Rich vanilla from the oak, with lots of zestiness and a light bitterness from the hops


Finish:            Full bodied, but still crisp and refreshing


Drink with:     Spicy curries, salty pork crackling, fried chicken


Malts:             I&G ale malt, wheat


Hops:              Goldings, Styrian Goldings


Maturation:    41 days; over lightly toasted American oak heartwood in Oakerators®






Toasted Oak IPA will be available to buy in Asda stores nationwide from mid October for £1.54 (330ml bottle) and from Tesco, RRP tbc.




Innis & Gunn Lager (4.6%)


IG Lager_330ml.jpgLaunched on draught this Spring, Innis & Gunn Lager is an unoaked Helles-style lager that uses native British ingredients with some Innis & Gunn flourishes.  The recipe uniquely features *Naked Golden Oats for a subtle nuttiness and rich mouthfeel, lager malt and large quantities of Super Styrian and Styrian Goldings hops for bitterness and aroma.  The result is a well-balanced lager with a clean, crisp finish.




Colour:           Pale gold


Smell:             Lemon zest, macademia nuts, sweet biscuit malt


Taste:             Crisp Helles style.  Soft, aromatic hops and rich nuttiness from the oats


Finish:            Smooth and refreshing


Malts:             I&G lager malt, Naked Golden Oats


Hops:              Super Styrian, Styrian Goldings




Innis & Gunn Lager will be sold in Tesco stores across the UK from November.


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Notes to Editor:


* Naked oats are so called because the kernels thresh free of the hulls, have been grown for centuries by farmers who enjoy the advantages of an oat variety that can be fed to young stock and poultry without being milled or ground, as hulled oats must be, and can also be easily used as porridge or other food for humans.  This malt lends a sweet berry-nut flavour.




About Innis & Gunn


Innis & Gunn was discovered by accident, and lucky for us that it was.  The beer was conceived in 2002 – well not the beer that Innis & Gunn drinkers know and love, but the base beer.  Dougal Sharp was asked by Grant’s Distillers to create a distinctive beer that would season whisky barrels for a Cask Ale Reserve whisky.  The beer was developed and served its time in the barrel only to be thrown away as a by-product until canny distillery workers realised that it was a brew like no other and far too good to dispense with.  Instead, they dispensed the beer into lemonade bottles for the occasional clandestine treat.  Transformed by its time in oak, the beer assumed characteristics that were completely unknown in any other beer styles.  Sweet toffee and vanilla notes complemented a backbone of mellow malt and fruity hop.  This was a beer that was both complex and flavourful and the industry soon sat up to take note.




In 2003, Innis & Gunn (the middle names of CEO Dougal Sharp and his brother Neil) launched with this first and cornerstone beer, Original.  Over time, Blonde and Rum Finish have joined the family and Limited Edition releases help Innis & Gunn continue to blaze a trail in oak maturation.  Plaudits have abounded for both the beer and the company: Monde Selection medals, World Beer Awards and two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in International Trade have all signalled that, despite an accidental discovery, Innis & Gunn has a nose for beer and a head for business.




Now Scotland’s leading independent beer company, Innis & Gunn has built a loyal band of followers across the globe.  Beyond the UK, where it is the fourth biggest specialty beer brand in the retail sector, Innis & Gunn is the best-selling British bottled beer in Canada and the top ale brand in Sweden.






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