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22nd January 2021

Unearth a new level of flavour as The High Priestess has arrived

Delve into the unknown with a deeper type of taste as Beavertown Brewery launches The High Priestess. A brand new edition to its recently re-launched Tempus Barrel project, The High Priestess 5.2% is a warm fermented style beer, available online today from the Beavertown Brewery webshop for beer fans who aren’t afraid to venture into new dimensions of flavour.

The latest beer to join the Tempus Barrel Project, the High Priestess was named after the tarot card, drawing inspiration from the mystical unknown that sits between the realm of the conscious and subconscious. A delicate brew, each sip surprises with subtle honeysuckle and wheat aromas unveiling a soft lemon freshness. A silky blend, topped with savoury coriander seed and green olive finish, its multidimensional flavours were formed through its 3-6 month ageing process, using an ancient terracotta vessel traditionally used for winemaking to transform its natural wine yeast. This unique method removes the traditional oak tones that come from using a barrel and instead, uses a bee’s wax lining to create a wonderfully smooth mouthful. Brewed to perfection, and unleashing mouthwateringly citrus undertones, it is the ideal accompaniment to seafood, featuring all the aromas of a Muscadet Sur-Lie white wine and new levels of flavour to surprise and delight.

Joining the Tempus Barrel project line, it sits alongside The Chariot and Rule of Three, exploring the possibilities of what beer could be. An exciting new range to captivate the senses, the Tempus Barrel Project consists of a series of new beers that will be launched throughout the year, focused on seasonality and taste.  Exploring the possibilities of brewing and reconnecting with nature, each one harnesses locally sourced ingredients from fruit, foraged herbs, malt or hops and transforms them using a range of slower brewing techniques. Taking beer fans on a journey to new and uncharted territories of taste, the drinks will be unique with some brewed and drunk fresh, while others will be fermented, preserved or transformed over time.

For more information on the Tempus Barrel project or to purchase The High Priestess Beer, please visit the Beavertown webshop (here).

Priced at £4.40 per 375ml bottle, The High Priestess is available online now.


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About Beavertown

Beavertown is dedicated to crafting high quality, innovative beers like Gamma Ray APA or Neck Oil SIPA that appeal to the thirsty masses, as well as more experimental brews from our Tempus Project. From brewing to branding, we believe in creativity in everything we do.

  • At Beavertown, we believe beer is more than just a beer, it’s an experience; which is why we host a weekly Saturday taproom to give people the chance to taste our carefully crafted beer in its natural habitat, our own Tottenham brewery
  • Now eight years old, Beavertown began life on a 650L kit in a BBQ joint in Haggerston. The brewery in Tottenham Hale produces 5500L batches (or 9,000,000 pints a year) and our new home in Enfield – Beaverworld – will allow Beavertown to produce ten times this, a staggering 90,000,000 pints a year.
  • The official craft beer of Tottenham Hotspur F.C., you can enjoy a crisp pint of your favourite Beavertown brew in our new taproom and microbrewery inside the stadium – the first of its kind
  • Recognised award winner including:
  • Brewers of the Year – The International Beer Challenge 2020
  • Neck Oil & Lupuloid  – Gold Medal – The International Beer Challenge 2020
  • Gamma Ray, Bloody Ell’ & Nanobot  – Silver Medal  – The International Beer Challenge 2020

Press release from Mc & T on behalf of Beavertown

For further information or if you would like to request a sample for review, please contact